Our C124 Mercedes Benz

11개월 전

Here is a brief walkaround with Lady Dorothy, named after the previous owner, a delightful lady who cruised round in this classic at low speeds with a large dog chilling in the rear.

Ben's mum secured the purchase after Dorothy sadly left this plain of existence.

We've owned the car for 2 years and in that time we have travelled a few miles, and she offers a relaxing drive, great tone and turns heads, we have added some AMG 17" wheels, as the wheels fitted were non MB.

The C124 also known as the W124 Coupe had a range of engines and boxes, ours is the smaller 2.3 4 cylinder, with the 4 speed automatic, there was a 5 speed available, the car has covered over 200k miles.

Lady Dorothy is currently being restored after the rear sub frame mounts completely detached from the chassis, giving the car somewhat drift style driving.

This is a brief walkaround the car, highlighting some of the features, styling and practicality, this car is a J reg making it 29 years old.

There were 4 body styles in this MK The Saloon, Estate, Cabriolet and the Coupe, there were also special edition models too such as the 500e.

The car when new, retailed for £48,000 with options.

Full review soon

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