Removing water spots non lacquered BBS wheels with Chemical Guys Heavy Metal Polish

11개월 전

We don't do too many 'how to videos' however we've been using this polish that we demonstrate in the video for quite some time with great success.

It is from the Chemical Guys and it's perfect for doing exactly what we bought it for and that is removing water spots from polished lips on BBS RS774 wheels.

When we bought the wheels three or four years ago, and they were in a sorry state.
Mind you we paid well under what they were worth but that meant they needed quite a bit of restoration.

We stripped down the wheels, removed the faces, and sent those away to be sprayed Helios Blue (the same colour as the Golf) and Ben started on polishing up and sanding them down to get rid of all the curb rash on the lips Ben also used a mini grinder and a selection of sandpaper finishing with 5000 grade, to give it a shiny polished finish.

We chose not to lacquer them and because of that we ended up with water spots, the video shows Ben using heavy metal polish to remove water spots just with good old elbow grease.

We used some turtle wax to wash the wheels first, then a cloth to dry, and then apply the polish and literally just build up friction.
This friction combined with the polish turns black, which shows you the contamination is coming out, and you just carry on until it no longer does that, it is then just a matter of just buffing to a shine

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