VW Golf 1 and 3 at Performance and Tuning Show

10개월 전

Many of you know Planet Auto are rather fnd of the Volkswagen Golf.

We have our own Mk2 16 valve which has been rebuilt with an ABF MK3. One of these cars is a Mk3, mind you its far from standard.

Autosport in January 2020 isn't just race and rally they also incorporate the Performance and Tuning show, a place where you'll find lots of modified vehicles, some custom cars and boutique builds and all types of things.

This video concentrates on two specific watercooled Volkswagens a Mk1 Golf GTI which has a rather special engine and looks similar to a KR or ABF but it does look like it's got possibly a supercharger fitted.

It's also got some rather special wheels as well not the Pirelli P slots that you saw on the Campaign however it is in Lhasa green.

The next is rather special Mk3 Golf or should I say Gulf, it's livery and cut bonnet, custom wheels custom interior, custom pretty much everything blue and orange.

Each of these cars stands out for example the Mk1 has a panoramic sunroof bucket seats and it looks pretty rally spec and the modified Mk3 has a rather large Forge branded custom part.

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