Curator Cat: Just a Sleepyhead Cat!

4개월 전

Greetings Fine Felines and Hoomans of Steemlandia!

Things don't always go as planned. We just realized (that would be me and the Dad-Hooman) that we missed making a "Caturday" post this past weekend!


I guess I must just have "fallen asleep on the job!"

We did have a very comfortable weekend, mind you... and we actually had a little sunshine in the middle of an otherwise exceedingly gray winter. So, I spent a fair amount of time just enjoying the warmth and light.


Anyway, just making a quick post this evening to say that we haven't forgotten about the blog... just missed one because "more important" things happened!

Thanks for stopping by!


X-101/398 2022-02-17

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Aww! You're excused, don't worry. You're too cute and we love you!


Thank you @opera.shoujo! We don't have a lot of cat content on Steemit these days, so I try my best to be "regular."