Curator Cat: Thursday is "Purrsday" — Smoke in the Air


Greetings Hoomans and Felines of Steemlandia!

Doing a bit of a midweek update here with a few cat pictures... because isn't it always a good time to post pictures of cats, the Internet's unofficial mascot?

Checking for birds outside the window

Smoke in the Air...

Both the Hoomans and the cats are feeling a little "off center" this afternoon and evening; smoke from wildfires in the mountains has been slowly drifting this way, and our normally very healthy Air Quality has been moving into the "moderate" to "unhealthy" range.

You can't smell" the smoke, but our throats are a little itchy and our eyes a bit red... and the sunset was a spectacular blast of red.

Late afternoon, and it is NOT clear...

Part of the "issue" we encounter here in the summer is that the air becomes extremely still, so the smoke doesn't get blown away by a breeze, it just sits here.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be nicer!

Can't even see the island in the bay, and it's only 3 miles away!

Quiet Weekend of Helping!

Looks like it will be another quiet weekend around here!

The Mom-Hooman is visiting the Daughter-Hooman in Seattle, and I am helping the Dad-Hooman with his artwork. I'm still trying to figure out why he's not more appreciative of having input from the genius of a cat, for his work. I only lay down in the middle of it, part of the time!

Well, that's it for this time... hope everyone is doing well!


X-128/425 2022-08-18

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A-Purrrrov-ed.😽 And resteemed!

I wish you a lot of Wind