We Support The Building Of Steem Economy With #Club5050 Initiative

10개월 전
Hey Guys! SteemPetLovers has just landed. Even though we just emerged few days ago but we are putting good measures in place quicker to promote Steem. We are Steem Blockchain advocate and hence our Activities must conform what Steemitblog has for us. It must be in line.

This is what we have put on table, that members here are encouraged to support the transitional phase of Steemitblog; the new trends which every Steemian is expected to take part, and that is club5050, Club75 and Club100.


We need not to be told how beneficial this initiative is helping many Steemians to invest in their own steem business. As we keep powering up with 50%, 75% and 100%, we also empower the Steem economy to reach heights in terms of Steem prices increase on the crypto market.

We are small Community now flourishing and wish to anchor well on the ground. We have to position ourselves well in order to get support from Curators. And one of the sure way to get Support from Curators is by patronizing Club5050 Initiative.

We also urge members as we shared in first announcement post, we have to share good contents and also engage the Community to become very active. So, commenting and upvotes should be our hallmark, that is the essence of being a community.



In the coming days, there are a lot to be shared with you. So, be on the lookout and do check on #SteemPetLovers updates. Thanks for your attention!
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