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Morning Cloudy Sky

Hello My Dear Friends,

I hope everyone is in good health and spirit.

Today morning got up at 5.45 am and did morning work from 6.00 am. Today I was not feeling well, so I walked for only half an hour. There was sporadic rainfall in the morning, which may be due to the eddy in the coastal region.

Then took the morning tea and gave food to the fishes in the aquarium. One of my favourite fish, “Boeseman’s rainbowfish”, has died today. Today a different newspaper had been provided by the vendor inadvertently.


After taking a bath and breakfast, I was ready to go to the office. Today first, I went to Motor Vehicle Department to remove the hypothecation of my car, and it took about two hours to do the formalities.

I went to the office at 01.00 pm. There was a discussion with vendors about the new project after the official work started.



I carried a tiffin for lunch, and I had lunch at around 2.45 pm. In tiffin had Muglai Parota. I had a critical virtual meeting from 4.30 pm with some of the senior employees, which continued till 7.30 pm.

I left the office at 7.45 pm and, while returning, took a photograph of the evening road condition. Traffic was not there because of the shower.


I reached home at about 9 pm. After a shower at about 10.00 pm, I took dinner consisting of Mixed Noodles with Garlic Chicken.

Today’s meeting discussed how to increase our productivity in this pandemic condition rather than looking at how other organizations are performing.

“When You Challenge People, You Will Lose One Day. When You Challenge Yourself, You Will Win Every Day.”

We generally do the first portion of the line in every sphere of life. To show we are better than you, competing with others is the trend we follow typically. But if we do things better than Yesterday, if we always compete with ourselves, we become more Human.


For example, we generally compete with neighbours in worldly things; if they have a two-wheeler, we will go for four-wheelers. If they have a colour television, we will go for LED television; we always tell our child that the other child of the neighbour is better. We get depressed about not achieving things compared to others and lose confidence in ourselves.

But if we challenge ourselves to earn better than yesterday by doing things right, doing more complex and intelligent work, and educating ourselves more than yesterday, we do the favour ourselves. We increase our confidence that we can do better.

Thank you very much for your continuous support and encouragement of my posts.

Stay safe and healthy.

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In the process of comparing people to others, we do not understand the hidden abilities inside us, we should believe in ourselves and not on others and when we do this, then all our faith in life gets fulfilled. We can have whatever we want. Just don't waste your time in comparison to others.