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"Watching The Himalayas"


My dear friends of Steem.

I hope everyone takes proper care of themselves and their family on these hot summer days. In some places in India, the temperature is more than 45 degrees centigrade with very high humidity.

Just imagine the condition of the people who are working outdoors. To survive on their daily needs, they have to tolerate this scorching heat, and if they get sick, their family will be in crisis.

There was a month-long holiday during the summer when I was at school. But there was also a half-yearly examination just after the summer vacation. So, the last 10 to 15 days were a terror time for me as I had to compensate for my missed studies during the first fortnight of the holidays.


The first 15-20 days were to fulfil my hobbies of playing football, eating mangos, sleeping on the wet floor with a naked body in the afternoon (as I was not having an air conditioner at that time), playing carrom with friends in the evening and listening to the light music on the radio or tape recorder at night.


My Library

During my graduation and post-graduation times, these hobbies changed in the summer. One thing was common, and that was playing football. The added were playing table tennis and volleyball. One more hobby growing at that time was reading different types of books.


Watching Drama

There were no holidays during this time, but as the daylight was for a more extended period, I had enough time to fulfil my other hobby of watching day street dramas in different parts of Kolkata, West Bengal, and India.


Watching The Nature

As time passes, the Summer hobbies have changed. Visiting the hill stations like Darjeeling, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand in Summer times has become a hobby. Viewing the beautiful Himalayas and the nature around the hills sensitizes me for more.


Having Sweets from centenary Sweet Shop- Another Summer Hobby




While staying in residence, the summer hobbies got changed to gardening, looking at the flowers, cleaning the aquarium, walking for an hour in the evening on the rooftop, having cold tea or ice creams, having an hour nap on holidays afternoon with the help of the air conditioner and reading some thoughtful books.



Summer hobbies have become different at different ages, evident in my thought. As per our thought process and accordingly, generation sometimes derives hobbies.

But, one thing must constantly be having a hobby throughout the year, and as per me, it is a positive approach to any situation.

Thank you very much for going through my post and your suggestions, appreciation and encouragement.

Stay Safe, Healthy and with a positive frame of mind.

I would like to invite @piudey, @saravanann and @educator23 to participate the contest.

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Thanks for the support.

I agree with you as with time it chance and while i was young too , we always wait for end school as went for play immediately as well as visiting relatives for for vacation. With time grow internet comes and people find their way of enjoyment from there. We liked to play outdoor game like cricket, Gilli danda, carrom, bhagam bhag, hide and seek. It were golden days.


@birjudanak, Today Young generations have vast and different type of amenities on which they can spend their time and hobbies.

Thanks for visiting.


You have written the post very well. I get a glimpse of your life. stay connected. have a nice day.


@educator23, Thanks for your comments and visiting the post.


@lother68, With the time everything changed in our life same like our hobbies. In our childhood we only love to play outdoor games but now children love to stay inside and they play different indoor games on their mobile and enjoy to stay more on social media.

You shared and explained the different types of hobbies that has been changed with the time. I wish you best of luck for the contest.

You are doing wonderful job. Keep it up.



@sduttaskitchen, Thanks for kind words.


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@dsc-r2cornell, Thanks for your supports.


Whilw reading your post i myself got a glimpse of my life,different stages i have been through.Thank you for providing me a chance to reminisce my childhood days.



@jahangeerkhanday, Thanks for visiting and the word of encouragements.


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Thanks for supporting the post.


Hello sir thank you so much for taking part in the contest of steem India and yes you are actually correct that hobbies are different are different ages because as we become an adult there are so much responsibilities on us which make us forget our childhood games ! Stay blessed and have a great day ahead!


@monz122, Thanks for visiting the post .