Steemindiaa daily Curation Report of 22nd April| club100

5개월 전

Hello Everyone,
As we declared that now onwards, **we will publish our curation

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A very good team very good report, keep going

Our community admin and moderators are working with great enthusiasm, hope that all #steemindiaa community members also post regular posts. Once again great report by @sduttaskitchen.



I hope we will continue the same enthusiasm and take our community to a great height . Thankyou to all the members for believing and supporting us . Be ready for upcoming contests and tutorials .Thankyou and have a great day ahead everyone!

Excellent work @steemindiaa, I wish the community and it's members all the best for the hard work. Congratulations to everyone who make it possible.


You are looking forward so many feedbacks nad comments from our community members. Share your opinions in the comment section please.


The report made beautifully, every point mentioned specifically. I am happy to see my name on the list. Keep continue such beautiful work. I am sure community will reach the top.

great work done by our indian community.

You all of guys doing a great job to build a Indian community .
Great work done by #steemindiaa .