Thediarygame\\\ /// 11 may 2021

5개월 전

Good morning guys. Good to see we are All awake, robust and equipped to engage our day. I'm already energetic from my end. I thankGod for the grace of the day. I woke up around 4:35am and started inserting on finishing touches on one of my posts which I'm but to conclude soon. I received up from mattress by using 6am, took my warm water lemon this time to charge up for the morning and also said my prayers.


I quickly organized and dressed up my son and dropped him off at school. Got all that performed before 7:35am so as to get myself prepared too.

As quickly as I came.back, I had my breakfast (Fried rice) and I'm already set to depart for work.

Thank you lovelies, see you guys in my subsequent update.

Good evening lovelies, I hope we are all first-class here? This is my 2d LID file for the day. It has absolutely been an engaging one for me today. It appeared as if it was once a Monday. It all started when I obtained to the office, I was once faced with the task of resolving a system trouble for my Oga. I wished to right some apps malfunctioning which have direct hyperlinks to his monetary institution. Good to see it used to be reasonably resolved.

Secondly, I had an interview to attend between the hours of 12 and 2pm. I bought hooked to the zoom community timely just to be the first to be attended to however unfortunately I was once allowed get right of entry to by using 1:45pm, just few minutes to the cease of the time. Another unlucky incident was that, after introducing myself with my CV, I was advised I was once too large for the job applied for. 😊😊😊.

Anyway as soon as I was once done, I bought this as snacks during the day to get going... Then I have to get down to the market to pickup some stuffs for the house. Would be leaving as quickly as I'm accomplished here.
I acquired home some minutes earlier than the hour of 7pm. Since I was once hungry already, decided to have my dinner right away after which I will freshen up. I ate Eba and okazi Soup.

Thank you guys for staying updated here.

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