Thediarygame 9 may 2021

5개월 전


Good morning guys, and welcome to Wednesdays LID. My night was really great with the steady power supply all through the night. Hope yours was fine too ? Woke up around 5;30am but was still feeling too heavy to get up, so I decided to catch up with another 1hour sleep which brought me to 6:30am. I think I'm alot better now.

Anyway we thank God for the gift of life today. Would be taking my ginger tea this morning shortly. I'm not sure I'm cleaning that car today, I don't under the dusty weather. Can't be giving me such work and assignment😊.

For breakfast, I had beans and yam porridge.
Take care guys, and remain updated here.

Good evening friends, I know we are all good. This is my second LID report for the day. It has been quite busy today. It has been from one steemit mentorship or issue resolution. Anyway, good they were all resolved.
During the course of my busy day, I had this chops to carry on for the day.

I left office by 5:15pm and went straight to New market around Enyimba Stadium to pick up some home needed items.

I left immediately I got what I wanted and arrived at around 6pm. I've already washed off and had my dinner (I took Eba and vegetable soup).

Thank you guys for staying updated.

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