Look Like a Lady Bug but it's Not

3개월 전

Hello Steemians😊😊😊

It's been 9 days had passed that I haven't been here. I don't know anymore on what happened here. What are the updates? Can you tell me so? It would be my pleasure and I am so thankful for it.

The reason why I've been away for this past few days it's because Im busy with something else. I can'y share it with you right now but maybe some of this days I will. I know you are all there ready to listen on what I have been through but Im sorry I can't tell it now. I hope you would understand me about this.

Okay let's get to the thing that I wanted to share with you now. I dont know from what family this little creature from. If you do know you can tell me what it is. I captured it slowly because this creature has a strong hearing thing. If he/she heard it flew right away. And thanks I got it before it fly.


At first I thought it was a lady bug, because of the orange thing on its back, but Im wrong. Maybe it's a bug family. I find it cute that's why I never hesitate to capture it.

Thats all for now everyone. Keep safe and God bless.

truly yours,


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