[Club100] Distribution of Muslims and Animists in Cameroon

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Good morning/Good Afternoon (Bonjour/ Bonsoir) fellow Steemian, I greet you all. I want to talk about religion in Cameroon especially the Muslims and the traditionalist (animists).


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A Muslim is a person who considers the Koran as a written "verbatim" of God, revealed through the prophet Muhammad. This is achieved through the practice of one of the forms of Islam, which is an Abrahamic and monotheistic religion. The term "Muslim" comes from an Arabic term meaning "one who submits" to the will of God.

Constituting about 44% of the Cameroonian population, they do not identify themselves with any particular stream of Islam, but they do identify themselves as Sunni (the main stream of Islam representing between 85-90% of the world's Muslims), although there is a Shia minority of 1-2%.

Muslims live mainly in the Adamaoua region in the north and in the west of the country for the Bamoun people. Cameroon is part of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, an intergovernmental organization created on September 25, 1961, with the aim of solidarity and mutual aid between the members of the Islamic Cooperation in order to ensure the safeguarding of the holy places of Islam...

Source Location of Adamaoua Region on the Cameroon map

The Animists (Traditionalities)

Animism, from the Latin animus, originally "spirit" and then "soul", is the belief in a spirit, a vital force that animates living beings, objects, but also natural elements such as stones or the wind, as well as protective genies. These souls, or mystical spirits, manifestations of the deceased or animal deities, can act on the tangible world in a beneficial or non-beneficial way.

Animism advocates the idea of continuity, of the interconnection between two worlds: the world of spirits and the real world. Rituals and sacrifices allow communication with the other world. Shamans and exorcist priests are arbiters who contribute to the solution of this conflict in Cameroon.

Adherents of these practices can be found all over the country, in the West, the South, and the East. The people of the west are the most anchored in these animist beliefs and practices. It remains their tradition and marks their identity. The Baleng of Bafoussam, with their festival of "nyang-nyang-" and the "Gwon" of the Bamoun, keep traces of this practice with incantations and sacrifices.

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