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To all Filipinos, “we have grown by numbers and we are truly grateful for your continued support and dedication”.Day by day the Steemit Philippines Community have received numerous post from the different genre from our users. We would like you to continue to show us your versatility in writing hoping that these posts will generate ideas of what to post in our community. For this matter, we've also come up with an idea to make a proper tagging on every post.

What to Post in Steemit Philippines?

Besides from the Diary Game which is an original theme from Steemit Team, our community also welcomes all the post that comes in your mind like your talents, about Filipino culture, your daily life, discovered recipes, funny videos, health, your DIY, hobbies, travel, motivation, art, the latest news, anything that is engaging that has sense worth reading and your reader will learn something from you.

Reminding you again, for you to have a chance for curators to upvote on your post you should submit a quality post not less than 300 words or more. Also, your post must pass the required plagiarism standard. You can check personally your post and the number of words on this free plagiarism checker tool.(Note: This is a free plagia checker tool, it is better that you check your post before posting to make sure your sentence are unique, and if not, there any time you can rephrase it to make it unique. Be aware that that sometimes this system also has errors and you will be plagiarized in your post especially if you posted a few days ago.)

What are the proper tagging in Steemit Philippines posts?

The main reason why there are post-left unvalued is because of inappropriate tagging. After publishing an article, with all the hardships that we've been through we might get frustrated of being unvalued just because of improper tags. That's why proper tagging plays a significant role in every steemit post. It is the way where most curators checked our posts. So, from now on, we should not forget to follow the proper tagging that is relevant to your posts which are listed below. This is not only for your contest's entries but also we ask you to follow proper tagging in all of your articles posted here in the Steemit Philippines Community.

Here is the list of proper tagging of your Steemit Philippines posts;

ThemeProper tagging
Post that describes Filipino Culture or anything that tells about being a Filipino.#filipino-culture
Tagalog Poetry#filipino-poetry
Tagalog songs or your dialect.#filipino-music
Business Ideas#filipino-livelihood
Latest happenings in the Philippines or expressing your own opinion in a situation.#filipino-news
Anything that talks about your life, your happy moments, motivation, etc.#filipino-lifestory
Crypto news and discussion.#steemph-crypto
About education.#steemph-education
Funny videos, TikTok, talents, or anything that you captured on a video.#steemph-video
Exclusive Filipino Recipies.#steemph-recipe
Do It Yourself ideas.#steemph-DIY
Sharing experiences/ideas that are beneficial to others.#steemph-lifehacks
Travel posts.#steemph-travel
Health News, herbal alternatives, and healthy food recipes, beauty tips.#steemph-health
Posts regarding the updates of Steemit Philippines Community. (moderators and admin only)#steemph-update
Verification posts.#verification-luzon #verification-visayas #verification-mindanao
Diary game.#thediarygame #betterlife #diarygameph
For contests entries.#steemph-contest
General tags.#steem #steemit
Official tags. You must use this tag in all your posts in the Steemit Philippines community#steemitphilippines #steemexclusive

We hope that this post might help you and give you information about proper tagging. Your adherence to the given information is highly needed. Know that our cooperation matters the most.

Thank you,
MODs for Visayas Region

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Salamat sa update sir @juichi. 😊

Salamat para sa mga proper tags na magagamit natin dito sa ating community.


It is my pleasure to help our community.😂

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i know it will

Thank you sir @juichi sa update



Thank you sir @juichi very informative. This post of yours are very useful espescially to newcomers.


They are the ones who should learn it.

Thank you for this information. 😊



Salamat po sa update. Right tags is important nga dito sa steemit.


Tama po kayo..

Thank you so much sir for this guides that surely is helpful to us


That will help us all.


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Thank you for the updated info sir @juichi


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Thanks maam.

Finally found a reference in the tags, I have taken notes and I hope I wont be forgetting it. Good Day


I'm glad it helped you. Dont hesitate to reach out if you have some questions.

thank you so much sa information sir, malaking tulong po ito para sa amin..

Thank you for giving us these guidance. It gives us more ideas to explore.

Thank you, we have

Dia rmn diay ni... thank you kaayo sir @juichi

Hi, Mod! This may be late as I was in the comfort of my bed for two weeks. It is regarding poetry, I am writing poetry as I love it so much but I am sad that English poetry is not included on our tags, though I also write Filipino poetry or Tula. I hope you somehow include English poetry? 😊


Hello @joshuelmari, Thank you for your attention, it's better that we just change it into ”poetry” alone so that there is no specific language to be used.


Thank you so much for considering my suggestion, Sir. God bless #SteemitPhilippinesCommunity.