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Another day to burn my eyebrows again. I had promised my thesis adviser in college that I'll finish my study this month so I can proceed right away with the embedded system before my review for the board exam will start. However, I am still at my slow pace and until now, I'm not confident with what I've been studying. I'm still confused, to be exact.

My old phone has it.

As I was watching the youtube tutorial, my laptop's cooler was a bit noisy on that day. It was bothering me to the point that I was itchy to dissect it, but I don't have a set of screwdrivers here in the apartment. I left my tools at home in Lanao del Norte. I was distracted and at the same time, annoyed by this noisy thing.

Again, I was distracted that my full attention flew over to the anime that I recently watched, Jujutsu Kaisen. And a few minutes later, I decided to change my "Study Harder!" desktop wallpaper to Satoru Gojo's chibi face! Yes, I know. I know. This must be love. La la la la. (Insert Cinderella's voice) Anyway, I was feeling giddy I had to post it on Noise, and @ishanvirtuecommented on my post telling me that I have a Gojo Syndrome. And the last thing I knew, I had changed my phone's wallpaper to a Gojo with some delish abs. Hahahaha! Okay, forget I mentioned that. Hihi.

So I was feeling light and giddy I was rolling over on the floor feeling like a teenager. Oh wait, I'm sweet sixteen forever. I was home alone so I had the time of my life to be that crazy, rolling over like a dog, squealing like a wheel on the brake. My goodness!

2021-04-05 13_53_31-Watch Jujutsu Kaisen (TV) Episode 23 English Subbed at Gogoanime.png My New Wallpaper; Screenshot at Gogoanime

Then it was past three in the afternoon that I was craving eggsardines and champorado. It was really weird I had been craving that kind of combo. So I stood up and prepared eggsardines only. And as I was watching the Instagram stories of my friends, I saw my previous supervisor's birthday cake: A Blueberry Cheesecake. I was jealous I wanted to devour a blueberry cheesecake, too. Sadly, I can't.

IMG_20210407_175311.jpg Eggsardines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner... in one.

I started eating my brunch-and-dinner in one at around 4:30 in the evening. I was supposed to fetch a big gallon of water in the nearby community, unfortunately, I had a head-cracking headache. I was crying because it hurt so bad. I wasn't sure if it was because I ate my lunch super late or because of my red visitor that will arrive any of these days. Now, instead of refilling the big gallon, I bought 4L of water in the nearby convenience store. I am not a big fan of drinking medicine, so I just rested for several minutes. I grabbed a book that I was planning to read. To my dismay, I could not understand what I've been reading. But the several minutes turned into hours until I decided to just sleep because I can't concentrate while my head was pounding and seems like cracking. It was too early for me to sleep but I had to rest because it hurt so bad.

I guess that would be all guys!

Keep safe always.


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