Steemit Philippines Community - Member's Steem Power Growth Update (11-20-2021)

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A Blessed day to all our Beloved Members here in our Community!!!

Before we get started with our Member's Steem PowerGrowth Weekly Update, I would like all our members to participate in our Community's Featured Contest of the Week as follows:

Everyone is encouraged to participate and have a chance to be selected as one of the top posts of the day that our moderators will be choosing and if you are eligible for #club5050, you can add the tag and might have a chance to be supported by the Steemit Team.

Member's Steem Power Growth Weekly Update

As the administrator and founder of the Steemit Philippines Community, one of my goals is to see all of our members grow based on their Steem Power, and now that we have the support of the Steemit Team through the @booming support program, we have a better chance of doing so. As a result, I always encourage all of our members to submit high-quality content in order to increase their chances of being chosen as one of the top 5 posts of the day to be supported.

The Steemit Team also officially launched their newest project, an initiative to encourage every Steemians to power up at least 50% of the total Steem or SBD earned and this is what they called the #club5050 which now changed some rules to follow. For the full details of this newest project of the Steemit Team, just click the following links below:

Growth Photo Source:

I shared a post a few weeks ago with an update on our members' Steem Power, as well as a means to encourage our members to be committed to powering up their own accounts. I'll keep track of our members' progress by looking at each transaction over the last seven days. I'll be looking for members who have powered up and may be eligible for steemcurator01's #club5050 support.

I'd like to thank one of our Moderators/Admins, @juichi from the Visayas region, for compiling a monthly report that included all verified members from the three regions of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Here is his monthly report. (Click Here)

Here is our Member's Updated Steem Power not delegated and to those who Powered Up from three regions - Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Take Note: We will also be looking for those who will be powering down. We label you (P.D) if you powering down your Steem Power. If your Status is Inactive, it means you don't have posts in the community for more than a week.


1.@aalagenesis203.177 SP0203.369 SPACTIVE
2.@aideleijoie384.285 SP3.998 SP388.283 SPACTIVE
3.@avelicac6.503 SP24.111 SP6.508 SPINACTIVE
4.@benisnice59.936 SP3.949 SP63.885 SPINACTIVE
5.@beyonddisability154.944 SP0155.090 SPINACTIVE
6.@chy070.069 SP00.069 SPINACTIVE
7.@crisinhach2.001 SP02.003SPINACTIVE
8.@eryll70.228 SP20 SP90.309 SPINACTIVE
9.@fycee866.580 SP5.251 SP866.580 SPACTIVE
10.@hanna716327.467 SP51.397 SP378.864 SPINACTIVE
11.@jewel8941.5300 SP41.559 SPACTIVE
12.@jeycel15.0145 SP4.4065 SP19.421 SPACTIVE
13.@joreneagustin90.457 SP1.481 SP91.938 SPACTIVE
14.@kneelyrac682.002 SP0.549 SP682.551 SPACTIVE
15.@mers517.865 SP0518.834 SPINACTIVE
16.@mikejosephortega77.624 SP078.504 SPINACTIVE
17.@mooontivated15.153 SP0 (P.D)12.494 SPINACTIVE
18.@neihy05200.362 SP0200.552 SPINACTIVE
19.@pingcess71.125 SP071.188 SPINACTIVE
20.@purebredpotato50.760 SP050.760 SPINACTIVE
21.@reginecruz170.041 SP0170.145 SPINACTIVE
22.@rosskenn71.188 SP77.833 SP149.021 SPINACTIVE
23.@sabhy091.959 SP01.962INACTIVE
24.@sgbonus818.503 SP173.711 SP992.214 SPINACTIVE
25.@sxshx92.481 SP3.528 SP96.009 SPINACTIVE
26.@yurieali0.188 SP00.188 SPINACTIVE
27.@vinsaint5.485 SP05.490 SPINACTIVE


1.@abby02071,108.473 SP11.560 SP1,120.033 SPACTIVE
2.@analizasuperales17.329 SP017.363 SPINACTIVE
3.@anierolf2.179 SP02.505 SPNEWBIE
4.@agentlin42322.331 SP022.629 SPINACTIVE
5.@amayphin381.637 SP3.485 SP385.122 SPACTIVE
6.@aprilmaireyuan35.076 SP5 SP40.183 SPINACTIVE
7.@arjayyuson210.686 SP27.597 SP238.283 SPACTIVE
8.@autumnbliss49.913 SP2.74 SP50.184 SPACTIVE
9.@aziel2953.194 SP053.299 SPINACTIVE
10.@azeizaazi26.311 SP4.479 SP26.311 SPACTIVE
11.@bien1,637.635 SP153.102 SP1,790.737 SPACTIVE
12.@bisayakalog1,804.306 SP4.712 SP1,809.018 SPACTIVE
13.@carine1988218.466 SP0 SP218.755 SPINACTIVE
14.@caydenshan69.075 SP12.641 SP81.716 SPACTIVE
15.@cchua33.167 SP0 SP33.413 SPACTIVE
16.@chibas.arkanghil264.271 SP0.769 SP265.040 SPACTIVE
17.@christianyocte1,242.470 SP19.245 SP1,261.715 SPINACTIVE
18.@christymarie22.354 SP022.397 SPINACTIVE
20.@doremi918.903 SP0.277 SP9.180 SPINACTIVE
21.@erin5100.000 SP00.000 SPINACTIVE
22.@eivor2237.573 SP0.700 SP38.273SPACTIVE
23.@fabio26142,719.202 SP10.797 SP2,729.999 SPACTIVE
24.@fbp126.911 SP06.924 SPINACTIVE
25.@flordecar2692.030 SP0.379 SP92.078 SPACTIVE
26.@fruityapple00363.740 SP0364.538 SPINACTIVE
27.@gilferin7941.898 SP62.397 SP104.295 SPINACTIVE
28.@gracetorrion31.354 SP9.871 SP41.225 SPACTIVE
29.@gemeex0.000 SP00.000 SPINACTIVE
30.@georgie84979.482 SP4.344 SP983.826SPACTIVE
31.@glennamayjumaoas57.521 SP057.521 SPINACTIVE
32.@glenicelou2797.008 SP6.891 SP103.899 SPINACTIVE
34.@hae-ra1,521.538 SP2.296 SP1,523.834 SPACTIVE
35.@heartmich79.316 SP079.468 SPINACTIVE
36.@humbleearner28.072 SP028.072 SPINACTIVE
37.@iamana0.000 SP00.000 SPINACTIVE
38.@itsmejos139.798 SP3.920 SP143.710 SPACTIVE
39.@iamjustjhocel13.600 SP013.627 SPINACTIVE
40.@jadix13.060 SP013.085 SPINACTIVE
41.@janeaugusto1.672 SP1.146 SP2.818 SPACTIVE
42.@jaofran51.261 SP051.354 SPACTIVE
43.@jcristy0.000 SP00.000 SPINACTIVE
44.@jeanalyn176.648 SP14.915 SP191.563 SPACTIVE
45.@jenesa1,939.450 SP8.327 SP1,947.777 SPACTIVE
46.@jenny018705.269 SP0.800 SP706.069 SPINACTIVE
47.@jenniferocco87.300 SP10.521 SP97.821 SPACTIVE
48.@jespesos10.898 SP010.919 SPINACTIVE
49.@jes88408.814 SP73.976 SP482.790 SPINACTIVE
50.@juichi8,134.953 SP-346.516 SP8,481.469SPACTIVE
51.@jmaxswivel106.436 SP8.661 SP115.097 SPINACTIVE
52.@jonabeth64.676 SP064.903 SPINACTIVE
53.@jonnahmatias101653.791 SP053.894 SPINACTIVE
54.@jufranketchup107.239 SP0107.445 SPINACTIVE
55.@julietpunay107.239 SP0107.239 SPINACTIVE
56.@junebride1,535.480 SP123.403 SP1,535.480 SPACTIVE
57.@jurich60611.272 SP90.171 SP611.272 SPACTIVE
58.@keyryalle158.646 SP4.499 SP163.145 SPACTIVE
59.@kyrie12341,509.984 SP10.499 SP1,520.483 SPACTIVE
60.@lealtafaith307.627 SP15.474 SP323.101 SPACTIVE
61.@ladyrai13.680 SP013.707 SPINACTIVE
62.@leebaong464.698 SP22.802 SP487.500 SPACTIVE
63.@lailyn.lariosa8.297 SP08.314 SPINACTIVE
64.@lonelylover8.772 SP9.228 SP18.000 SPACTIVE
65.@liamnov1,100.720 SP58.342 SP1,159.062 SPACTIVE
66.@lonelymae11.427 SP011.530 SPINACTIVE
67.@maris75752.272 SP5.994 SP758.266 SPACTIVE
68.@mariarosa27149.716 SP0.143 SP149.859 SPACTIVE
69.@maimai8021.615 SP021.657 SPINACTIVE
70.@marlon82113.419 SP0114.167 SPINACTIVE
71.@marzyoung22134.628 SP0134.887 SPINACTIVE
72.@mayann126.819 SP0127.075 SPINACTIVE
73.@maephine5.160 SP5.160 SP5.160 SPACTIVE
74.@melinjane9.826 SP0.009 SP9.835 SPACTIVE
75.@melvinlumacad75.179 SP075.349 SPINACTIVE
76.@me2selah890.523 SP87.583 SP978.106 SPACTIVE
77.@mich10328.372 SP028.427 SPINACTIVE
78.@ellechim081618.842 SP018.878 SPINACTIVE
79.@momshie85131.640 SP3.211 SP134.851 SPINACTIVE
80.@monsiou14.780 SP4.933 SP19.713 SPINACTIVE
81.@moonlight-shadow218.256 SP69.581SP287.837 SPINACTIVE
82.@mrs.cuyag130.528 SP9.962 SP140.490 SPINACTIVE
83.@mysassy22.609 SP022.653 SPINACTIVE
84.@najona4.461 SP04.508 SPINACTIVE
85.@nathaliakate2.036 SP02.040 SPINACTIVE
86.@nayalucy25.652 SP2.830 SP28.482 SPINACTIVE
87.@natz04913.550 SP90.569 SP1,004.119 SPACTIVE
88.@nickjon1,318.133 SP2.123 SP1,320.256 SPINACTIVE
89.@nikkabomb60.125 SP0 (P.W)45.441 SPINACTIVE
90.@noaj7.303 SP07.765 SPINACTIVE
91.@occobrendo0.000 SP00.000 SPINACTIVE
92.@olivia082,118.137 SP104.91 SP2,223.047 SPACTIVE
93.@raazaa0.058 SP00.058 SPINACTIVE
94.@recheltajale0.077 SP00.077 SPINACTIVE
95.@reycel10.635 SP010.655 SPINACTIVE
96.@rye143437.206 SP61.513 SP498.719 SPACTIVE
97.@rfprincess184.365 SP0 SP184.763 SPINACTIVE
98.@rodjen1431.669 SP01.672 SPINACTIVE
99.@rose0128117.060 SP2.811 SP119.871 SPACTIVE
100.@reyarobo202.452 SP0202.967 SPINACTIVE
101.@sakura101258.081 SP0.307 SP58.388 SPINACTIVE
102.@saneunji776.316 SP0.821 SP776.316 SPINACTIVE
103.@sarimanok440.906 SP0.716 SP441.622 SPACTIVE
104.@shikika22.670 SP022.767 SPINACTIVE
105.@steemitcebu1,267.784 SP1.153 SP1,268.937 SPACTIVE
106.@sweetmaui01366.246 SP0.607 SP366.853 SPACTIVE
107.@sweetspicy462.373 SP71.773 SP534.146 SPINACTIVE
108.@xianthea0.541 SP00.541 SPINACTIVE
109.@zehel158.960 SP0.656 SP9.616 SPINACTIVE
110.@zoe2172.856 SP0.281 SP73.137 SPINACTIVE


1.@aehryanglee104.647 SP0.193 SP104.840 SPACTIVE
2.@antonette10.141 SP010.150 SPINACTIVE
3.@chishei202149.735 SP5.513 SP55.248 SPACTIVE
4.@goiinmary26.633 SP4.324 SP30.957 SPACTIVE/NEWBIE
5.@jb123363.841 SP6.564 SP370.405 SPACTIVE
6.@joshuelmari557.107 SP4.044 SP561.151 SPACTIVE
7.@loloy20202,743.136 SP130.591 SP2,873.727SPACTIVE
8.@long888426.698 SP121.692 SP548.390 SPACTIVE
9.@manticao29.516 SP3.66 SP33.176 SPACTIVE/NEWBIE
10.@yoieuqudniram141.606 SP22.033 SP163.639 SPACTIVE

Here we can see the list of our members who just powering up some of their liquid Steem but it doesn't mean it is automatically eligible for the #club5050's steemcurtor01/02 support.

As of this writing, here are the total number of verified members from the three regions, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in alphabetical order as I based it on @juichi's monthly report.

Luzon Region: 27 Verified Members
Visayas Region: 110 Verified Members
Mindanao Region: 10 Verified Members

Total Verified Members: 147 Members

If your username isn't on the list, please leave a comment below and we'll add you. After a month, I'll provide another update on the growth of each member's Steem Power. We can track our members' progress in the community and on the Steemit platform in this way. It's also a means to see if the Steemit Communities support project is effective, while also encouraging everyone to do their best to increase their Steem Power.

See you all next month's update!!!

To God be the Glory!!!

Mabuhay ang Steemit Philippines Community

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