My Power Up For @Club5050 Participation Program

8개월 전

Good evening everyone, it is my first time to do power up here in @steemit. I am so very happy because I will gain a right amount of SP in my account.

Let me share to you my recently amounts of my account and it steps of powering up. As a member of @steemitphilippines, I will do the right tasks and obligations just like powering up for helping others and of course, our community.

3.356 SP was my steem power balance.

I am going to add another SP by simply doing a few steps with the help of my brother @jb123.

This is my SBD balance and I am going to convert it into steem so that it will be able to power up into steem power.

First, I was make trading using this market and as the market section comes out, I started to input my SBD balance. The amount of steem was automatically comes out so it will easy to compute how much steem do I have.

After I do trading, I started to double checky steem balance and glady and thankfully, my steem marked at my steem section.

For the process called powering up, I started to click the word "power up" and put the amount of my steem and I clicked the botton word "power up".

Finally, this is my new Steem Power Balance. I am so happy I gain a steem power with the help of my friends, brother and all members and curators who gladly upvoted my post.

Thank you for reading my post, keep safe.

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Congratulations brother. Keep powering up always, this will be a big help for us in the future. Godbless 😊


Salamat ya.

Keep powering up straight forward. I will ve happy seeing your progress.


Thank you Ma'am.

Congrats for your 1st powerup. Keep on powing up para more power ug mas mo dako ato curation reward.


Salamat po.

Congratulations on the power up! Continuento grow your account.


Thank you Ma'am .

Congratulations @manticao!
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Thank you very much.

Greetings to you @manticao,
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Thank you, see you there!


Thank you sir.