Steemit Philippines Top 3 Posts of the Day| Recommended Posts for Booming Support (11-14-2021)

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Hello Beautiful People of Steemit Philippines!

As a member of our community's Admins and Moderators, I have chosen three (3) recommended post of the day for @booming's support. In behalf of our team, I would like to thank the Steemit Team for the support they have given to our dear community. As our way of gratitude, we encourage our members to continue to produce original and quality content. We strongly encourage everyone to participate in the #club5050 project of the entire Steemit community. For a detailed information on how to participate on said project, please visit here.

Participating and committing to join #club5050 will give your post higher chances to be recommended though upvotes are not guaranteed. But still we are hoping that all of the featured posts will be taken into consideration.

We are reminding everyone to use proper tagging with your post. For your tag reference, you can check it here. When using the #steemexclusive tag, make sure your posts and photos are not posted elsewhere but only on Steemit.

Here are the three recommended post of the day:


Women That Ride Rocks by @kyrie1234

Last year, when Covid19 hit the Philippines, almost all the people were just staying at home at takot sa nakakahawang pandemya. If lalabas ka at pupunta sa kalsada, para kang nasa ghost street sapagkat kahit umaga pay walang tao ang pagalagala. Limitado din ang paglabas ng bahay at hindi lahat ang may chansa na makalabas kundi isang kapamilya lang sa kada-bahay. Read more...


The Diary Game Season 3 (November 13, 2021) by @azeizaazi

Hi everyone!
So I’m gonna share with you what happened on this day. We went to my uncle's grave, by the way, he passed away last November 2 it was so unexpected because he is a sikad driver in their subdivision. When he sent his passengers to its house the passenger said she will just get money inside and she will be right back, when she goes back my uncle just collapsed he knocked his head at the steering wheel so his neighbor directly called his daughters to bring him to the hospital. read more


Ang Aking Kalagitnaan ng Linggo by @jewel89

Nakita kong magtitinda uli dito samay harapan ang isa sa aking kapit-bahay, si Ate Pen. Pang-apat na nyang araw dito sa pag titinda ng mga street food, katulad nitong Tokneneng, fishball, kikiam, french fries at palamig.
Naisipan kong lapitan sya at tulungan sya magbalat ng mga pugo para mas mapadali ang kanyang pagluluto dahil yung mga anak nya mahirap utusan puro laro, hindi sya agad sinusunod. read more

Thank you everyone for sharing your quality post to our community.

We also encourage every member to be active in commenting to other member's posts. Continue to participate in all our contests, the Diary Games, Photography Contest, and a lot more.

This will be all for today and we are looking forward to more quality content from our members to be considered as one of the top 3 posts picks of the day.

Take care everyone!

Your Visayas Area Moderator,

Met @me2selah

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These are indeed lovely entries!

Thank you for these recommendations ate.


You're welcome Mel.

wow! Thank you mam for choosing me... God bless po


You're welcome Maam.

Ay hala😍 Daghang Salamat kaayo Ate @me2selah for choosing my post po 🥰
Ang wide ng smile nako karon ate met 😁
Good night po 💚

Karon palang nako iVisit ang about sa club5050 ☺️


You're welcome Je.

Goodluck sa mga deserving post

Congrats and good luck to the 3 recommended posts, keep on posting!

Congrats po sa mga napili.🎉🎊

wow! ganda ng mga chosen diaries. Galing ng sister ko ah @jewel89. Congrats sa inyong tatlo.


Thankyou so much My Ate. Congrats din po sayo Ate 😘😘😘