The Diary Game Season 3 (04-16-2022) | My First Power Up!

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According to my wife who is now my mentor in my Steemit journey, I have to build my account. One best way to do this is to power up whenever there's a chance to. Aside from that reason, this is also one of the criteria in receiving support in terms of blog upvotes.

With that, I grabbed the opportunity to power up my account today as my first article had reached its payout. I decided to blog about this as it is my first time and it is worth doing so.


Above is my account, I already claimed my earnings earlier so it shows I have 1.3 SBD. I don't have any experience with powering up so of course, I asked for assistance from my wife. This was a learning process as well so I have to take note of what she was instructing me. In fact, this article reference will help me in the future.


Above, I had to click on the down button and select market so I can buy Steem.


The next page displayed the option for setting the value of Steem/SBD and the amount of SBD that I wanted to use in buying Steem. I just chose the current value and selected all the available SBD then hit the buy Steem.


It didn't take long before the order was filled and now I have Steem on my wallet.


There's no reason for delaying this so I hit the power-up button.


This is the part where I input the total amount that I wanted to power up. I was told to click on the balance and it filled the amount box.


However, I got an error and it was caused by the incorrect key used upon the confirmation requirement. I used my active key this time and it went through without errors.


And that's it! I now have 75.755 Steem Power! There's still a long way to go but I believe in the saying "Slow and Steady Wins the Race!"

Thanks for reading and see you on the next one!

To God be the Glory!

Inviting my friends to join the diary game too @jjeeppeerrxx @jessmcwhite @junebride

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Wow! Congrats to your first ever power, continue foung it dear

Congratulations my friend.

Congratulations on the power up!