The Diary Game Season 3 (November 24, 2021): Spending time with my wife for lunch and shopping for baby's shoes.

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Today I will share with my day with my wife and how we spent it together. Being with her makes my day complete especially when I am able to have a date with her. She is very simple and not a high maintenance wife (she doesn't need fancy things in life). She wants good savory food and that gives her joy whenever we go out.

But before we went out for some errands, we need to do basic things for the morning and that is to provide baby's needs. It's our child's first meal yesterday and she had brown rice cereal. Our little Eva didn't like it at first and second try but eventually she eats it. She's 6 months old and able to sit and stand using her walker.


When Eva was at her aunty, we started to get ourselves ready to go to Pacific Mall to claim Eva's Filipino passport, have lunch and then shopping. I am very glad that finally we have her passport to be claimed after waiting and trying a lot of times to get her a schedule.

We arrived at the mall around 10:45 we went to the third floor where the Department of Foreign Affairs office is located. My wife waited for over 30 minutes to receive Eva's passport. When we finally have it claimed around 11:40 a.m. we proceeded to Greenwhich to have lunch.



For our meal we had a piece of chicken 🍗, a slice of pizza 🍕, baked lasagna, a cup of rice 🍚, and a glass of ice tea.


I always treasure whenever we eat out because my wife doesn't have to finish her food quickly to do things at home and take care of our child. She can relax and enjoy every bite of her food.


After we ate, we went straight to the department store to get baby's shoes. I had a fun time looking for size, color and designs because my wife let me decide those things even with Eva's clothes. One of the reasons I enjoyed being a Daddy when I am able to participate for my child's care. We got her 2 nice footwear one fits perfectly for her feet and the other is bigger.


After we pay at the cashier and headed home, we stop by the Suisse cottage to buy some bread for the family. We bought some chocolate croissant (my favorite), 3 meat buns, and cheese rolls. We always get bread from this store or any branch whenever we get chance.



These are all good and tasty. They have varieties to choose and they are quiet affordable for its quality.




When we arrived home, Eva was asleep and we got chance to change our clothes first and then rest for 15 minutes before she woke up. It was a productive and enjoyable day for me.

Calling @kyrie1234 @bisayakalog @fabio2614 to share share your diary game with us. See you!

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thank you for the invitation sir... Hi baby steemy


You're welcome