Steemit Philippines Community Daily Update (Diary Game Contest and Other Games Update, Member's Update, Delegators Update and More) | MAY 25, 2021

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Long live and have a nice day for all of us!!!

Our Steemit Philippines Community is continually growing every day and we've reached this without the help of God and for each of our members. As I continue to support everyone, I will continue to share new happenings in our community especially with our contests and members. Over the last full day, we have had many great events in our community that just deserve to be shared with all of our members so I hope everyone will finish this update by the end.


Today is the 25th day of May 2021 and we have lots of things to share especially to our newest community contest, the "Daily Best Comment" contest which done very successful on our 2nd day since we officially started last sunday but to begin with let's start with our Diary Game contest and other contest we have.

Our Contests Available

Diary Game Steemit Philippines Contests/Daily Best Comment Contest

We will now share another update on our Diary Game contest with our community, but first of all, I will remind you again of our rules and regulations that we better follow all of this to have a big chance of winning. Although we are not very strict about our rules and regulations because even if all of them are not followed you are still involved. But I will still encourage you all to follow it so that one of the Steemit Team curators, @steemcurator08, can also support you.

For the full details about the "The Diary Game' contest, please read the Daily Update by clicking the link below.

We can also found here our additional contest about "DAILY BEST COMMENT OF THE DAY and the "MOST NUMBER OF DIARY GAME ENTRIES OF THE WEEK". Have time looking and ready it for more details of our newest contest available in the community.

The Diary Game Contest Daily Update

Daily Chat Contest by @arie.steem

One of the contests we can participate in is the "Daily Chat contest conducted by @arie.steem. Although it is not held in our community itself because it is in the PromoSteem Community, @julstamban has shared a translation for everyone to understand. To know the policy of this contest, just read the link below.

Daily Chat Contest


Another new contest we can join was held by one of our members @julstamban who is also the PromoSteem-Philippines representative and our new Country Representative. This is a big step for his contest to further promote Steemitt here in our country. For contest rules and regulations, read the link below.


Show Me Your Talent Contest #3 by @olivia08

Our member @olivia08 is continually supporting our community by conducting her own contest which allows everyone to share their talents. For more details about this, please click the link below.

Show Me Your Talent Contest #3 by @olivia08

We can join the following but it is not obligatory for all of us to do, it just depends on you. Just read carefully each rule and regulation of each contest to have a better chance of winning.

To get to know our new Members even better, here are 2 of them that we will introduce.

1. @aziel29

2. @deng09

We have another 2 new members here in our community who just shared their first post. Our first to introduce is already a Steemian user who just glad to be back on the platform while the second one is truly a newbie in the platform who shared his thought about the online loan sharks. To the two of our members, I am pleased to welcome both of you and I am looking forward to your newest posts in the future.


Today, I am pleased to inform you of all the current members we have today and those who are active in it in our Steemit Philippines Community.


Another day and we have seen another addition to our members and active members. From our last update, we've seen a total of 523 members and after one day, our total community members are 533 Members. This definitely means that we have 10 new members who joined our community. From our active members, yesterday we have 82 members in total and for today, we registered a total of 84 Members. Thank you very much everyone for supporting our community and for being active.


Today, I will also share with you our new update with our Delegators so that we can get to know our colleagues who have undoubtedly helped our community. We will also present another update to our current STEEM POWER (SP).


Today, we have not seen any new delegators in our community curation account. Although there is no new delegator, all our delegators today are still a big help.

Our reward of 2,000 SP we won from the last #SPUD4STEEM challenge last May 1, 2021, has just ended today, and it definitely a big help to our community who gives additional author rewards to our members and curation reward to our community curation account. We are now looking forward to the next powerup challenge for the month of June. Currently, we have more or less 1,500 SP to be used in the @SPUD4STEEM for June and we still have more days to increase our reserve SP to power up.

Though our 2,000 SP rewards have just ended, our delegators were also a big help because of the SPs they lent, it added support for everyone. I am also thankful because we have also seen new delegators here in our community curator account from our members.

They are;

@amayphin, @diosarich, @fycee, @georgie84, @godlovermel25, @ishanvirtue, @jenesa, @juichi, @julstamban, @junebride, @jurich60, @kneelyrac, @loloy2020, @me2selah, @olivia08, @reyarobo, @sgbonus, @mers, @bisayakalog


Since our 2,000 SP rewards have just ended, we will the original STEEM POWER we have from our community curation account and from all our delegators. We have now a total of **1,974.52 SP from our community curation account and 2,809.30 SP from all our delegators for a total of 4,783.82 SP. This will change after we power up our account this coming #SPUD4STEEM this june.

If you want to help our Community by delegating and curating, you can do the following.

1. Quick Link
I've created an easier way to be able to delegate just select at the link below.

Delegate 50 SP | Delegate 100 SP | Delegate 150 SP | Delegate 200 SP | Delegate 250 SP | Delegate 300 SP | Delegate 350 SP | Delegate 400 SP | Delegate 500 SP | Delegate 750 SP | Delegate 1000 SP

2. Delegate to how much you want.
To be able to delegate use the link.

Delegate To @steemitphcurator

3. Use

Go to then log in. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Delegations Option


  • In Delegations, go to Delegate so you can delegate.


  • Type steemitphcurator and the amount of SP how much you want to delegate.


Then use the Active Key to make the delegation successful.

4. Curation Trail
So that you can auto-vote when the Community Account has a new post, follow us on.

@steemitphcurator Curation Trail

For the full Tutorial on how to delegate and follow the curation trail of @steemitphcurator community curation account, please go to @loloy2020's Tutorial. Please Just Click the link below.

Simple Guide on How to Delegate and Follow @steemitphcurator Curation Trail

Hopefully, it will go through and be supported by the Steemit Team and Curators. Many thanks to the Steemit Team for their support, especially to:


closing banner.jpg

All Banners Credits to @deveerei. Thank you for the support.

GIF Footer Credits to @baa.steemit

Many Thanks to all and to God all the Praise and Thanksgiving !!!

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