OFFICIALLY CLOSED: The Diary Game Steemit Philippines Community Contest Daily Update - Week 21 | 32 Members/37 Official Entries (11-13-2021)

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Long live and have a Blessed day to all of us!!!

Another great day had passed away and we thank God for again experiencing such amazing memories here in our community as we now see more entries from our Diary Game contest and finally, we are now officially closed the 21st week of our Diary Game Season 3 contest.

We also like to appreciate everyone who followed the rules and proper use of the #club5050 to receive additional support from the Steemit Team and please keep on following all the rules and regulations to be eligible. To remind us just click HERE to know the full details about it.

We thank God also we still have support from the Steemit Team through @booming support, as our community is one of the communities under Tier 1 support that will support our community account and members' content and contest entries. As a result, we encourage all of our members to share high-quality posts and to tag them correctly according to the contest's rules and regulations; the #steemexclusive tag must always be applied to qualifying posts, and there's a good chance of being chosen for top posts of the day and other Steemit Curators. Remember also that it is necessary to set our community account as a 20% benefactor to your contents and entries.

We would also encourage everyone to comment on our daily update as well as on other members' entries and content, this way we can connect to each other and do some engagements a sign of a good community environment.

Now, this is a reminder to all of our members who don't share their verification. We will no longer accept Diary Game submissions from people who have not verified themselves in the community beginning this week. Your entries can still be posted here in our community, but they will not be qualified until you verify yourself. To get to know how to fully verify yourself, please click here and follow the process.

Today, I will be going to share the latest update to our Diary Game contest. Now to all our community members, I encourage everyone to read and complete this post by the end to learn about the most recent changes to our Diary Game contests.

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For the record, some of our members' Diary Game entries have already been upvoted by Steemit Curators, particularly @steemcurator08. Now, I'd like to encourage all of our members to enter our contest to gain more support from our community curators and to be chosen for the steemcurator01 support program.

1Must start with the title "The Diary Game Season 3 (Date of Diary) | Title of Diary". Diary needs to write a post that shares an event on a day of your life.
2Must be at least 300 words per post and do not include your introduction and outro words.
3Share at least 3 photos per Diary Game entry.
4Must post to Steemit Philippines Community (
5Use the tags #betterlife #thediarygame, #philippines, #steemexclusive, and #steemitphilippines in the first five tags in the posts, and #thediarygameph to easily see the participants in our contest.
6Mention 3 of your friend to join the Diary Game contest.
7Set @steemitphcurator as 20% Beneficiary
8You can share Diary Game every day but I will only choose the best one.
9Share it on your Social Media Accounts for everyone will see it. (Optional)
10Comment down all the entries to the latest update.
12START : NOVEMBER 7, and the DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF ENTRIES: NOVEMBER 13, 2021 at 10:00 PM and the Announcement of Winner will be on NOVEMBER 14, 2021.

And these are just the important rules and regulations in our Diary Game Contests.

We will look at the following in each of the Diary Game posts to know who will win.

1Story of the Diary Game.
2Whether it reaches 300 words or more.
3Correct tags.
4Whether you mentioned and invite 3 of your friends.
5For a greater chance of being selected, you need to share on Social Media and comment on the contest post announcement.

So for us to have a list of those who have shared and how many their qualified entries are, this is our update about it.

No.Username/Participant/No. of Qualified Entries
1.@jeanalyn1 Qualified Entry
2.@jb1232 Qualified Entries
3.@amayphin1 Qualified Entry
4.@jeycel1 Qualified Entry
5.@abby02071 Qualified Entry
6.@maephine2 Qualified Entries
7.@georgie841 Qualified Entry
8.@jenniferocco1 Qualified Entry
9.@chibas.arkanghil2 Qualified Entries
10.@eivor221 Qualified Entry
11.@olivia082 Qualified Entries
12.@janeaugusto1 Qualified Entry
13.@autumnbliss1 Qualified Entry
14.@caydenshan1 Qualified Entry
15.@manticao1 Qualified Entry
16.@aehryanglee1 Qualified Entry
17.@rye1431 Qualified Entry
18.@joreneagustin1 Qualified Entry
19.@jewel891 Qualified Entry
20.@bisayakalog1 Qualified Entry
21.@natz041 Qualified Entry
22.@jurich601 Qualified Entry
23.@aideleijoie1 Qualified Entry
24.@junebride1 Qualified Entry
25.@sweetmaui011 Qualified Entry
26.@keyryalle1 Qualified Entry
27.@me2selah1 Qualified Entry
28.@goiinmary2 Qualified Entries
29.@lealtafaith1 Qualified Entry
30.@adajamaima1 Qualified Entry
31.@cchua1 Qualified Entry
32.@crizsy901 Qualified Entry

As of now, we have 32 Members who have submitted a total of 37 Qualified Diary Game entries. I'm now looking forward to reading other members' Diary Game entries.


If you want to help our Community by delegating and curating, you can do the following.

1. Quick Link
I've created an easier way to be able to delegate just select at the link below.

Delegate 50 SP | Delegate 100 SP | Delegate 150 SP | Delegate 200 SP | Delegate 250 SP | Delegate 300 SP | Delegate 350 SP | Delegate 400 SP | Delegate 500 SP | Delegate 750 SP | Delegate 1000 SP

2. Delegate to how much you want.
To be able to delegate use the link.

Delegate To @steemitphcurator

3. Use

Go to then log in. Just follow these simple steps.

  • Go to the Delegations Option


  • In Delegations, go to Delegate so you can delegate.


  • Type steemitphcurator and the amount of SP how much you want to delegate.


Then use the Active Key to make the delegation successful.

For the full Tutorial on how to delegate and follow the curation trail of the @steemitphcurator community curation account, please go to @loloy2020's Tutorial. Please Just Click the link below.

Simple Guide on How to Delegate and Follow @steemitphcurator Curation Trail

Hopefully, it will go through and be supported by the Steemit Team and Curators. Many thanks to the Steemit Team for their support, especially to:


GIF Footer Credits to @baa.steemit

Many Thanks to all and God all the Praise and Thanksgiving !!!

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Good luck everyone!

Best of luck to those who joined!

Thank you for participating. Godbless you all.

Good luck po sa lahat na nagjoin.

Wow! awesome! 32 entries! Congratulations in advance to the hailed winners for this week's Diary game.

Good luck sa mga nagjoin! 😊

Sir, I have delegate 50 SP. Please cheak and upgrade my lebel.