Steemit Philippines Community Unite: Let's Support Steemit to become - "The Best Decentralized Social Media Networks 2022" | Step by Step Guide on How to Support Steemit | A Total of 20 Liquid Steem will be given away

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A Blessed day to all Steemit Philippines Community Members and Visitors!

Throughout our journey here in Steemit platform, the Steemit has been doing their best they can to support everyone of us and that will encourage us to be more active and to write a quality content. Now, it is our time to show our support to our beloved Steemit platform as they will be nominated to be chosen as "The Best Decentralized Social Media Networks 2022".

Now, what can we do to help Steemit on this Campaign.

We've all know that their are many existing Decentralized Social Media Network or platform nowadays and one of it is our very own Steemit which currently now on the second place on the ranking and we want it on the top. This campaign is initiated by, and can be seen by clicking the link below.

"The Best Decentralized Social Media Networks 2022".

To help Steemit to be on the Top and become "The Best Decentralized Social Media Networks 2022", just simply leave a full rating and positive review about the Steemit as show in the example review from one of the user. Every rating and review counts, so the more rating and positive review Steemit will have, a more chances to be chosen as the winner of this category.

So, we encourage all our members and visitors to take part and show some support to Steemit as our way of giving back to the platform, and to make easy for us to support we will be showing here a Step by Step Guide on How to Support Steemit to this campaign.

Step by Step Guide on How to Support Steemit.

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We provide a simple Step by Step Guide on How to Support Steemit for all our members and visitors, so please be guided.

  • In the new page, it is more likely about our Ratings and Reviews about Steemit. Make sure to select the full 5 Star Rating and write a positive reviews about Steemit. Simply filled up the form with the Title, Pros, Cons and Overall experience to the platform.
  • With the same page, below will ask you to rate more about Steemit with in terms of Ease, Features, Design, Support and Pricing. We are ask also of how likely you would like to share Steemit with others and lastly answer some information required to answer, then click next for the page.
  • Last page to fill up is our personal information which include our Name, Country, Job Position, Company, Industry and Number of Employees, and this is important you can either show your name or just click Post Anonymously to hide your identity. Then, if everything is fine, you can now clickSubmit and an email will be sent to you for the confirmation. If it is confirmed, then wait for your Ratings and Review be posted by the SourceForge team.

A Total of 20 Steem Reward

As our way of giving thanks to all our members and visitors who will take part to this campaign on SourceForge as we will aim to make Steemit to become "The Best Decentralized Social Media Networks 2022", we will be given a total of 20 Steem reward.

To participate, just simply comment down the Screenshot of your Rating and Reviews on the comments section of this post. Be sure to include the process, from before and after the Rating and Reviews. Then on the payout of this post, the 20 Steem will be equally divided to all who have participated.

We are now looking forward for all your Rating and Reviews about Steemit to make Steemit to be on the top and be "The Best Decentralized Social Media Networks 2022".

Thank you for dropping by and reading this post and God Bless!

Cc: @steemcurator01

Best Regards

@loloy20202 - Founder/Admin

To God be all the Glory!😇

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Thank you. 😇

Steemit is always been a top 1 for us. I'll visit this soon. Thanks for the updates @steemitphcurator.


Were waiting for your ratings and reviews.. Please include the before and after.


Okey, I will familiarized and review the process..


Here's my mine...

Screenshot_20220430-082933_Samsung Internet.jpg


Screenshot_20220430-082613_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220430-082622_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220430-084734_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20220430-084737_Samsung Internet.jpg

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

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I am up to the challenge! posting my review now!


Thank you for your Ratings and Review! 😇


more power steemit!

Steemitphilippines will always be my number one! More power and thanks for supporting me as well. To the admin, God bless you more!


Please comment down your Ratings and Reviews ate. You can either share your Screenshot or write an article about it. Thank you and God Bless!

চমৎকার কন্টেস্ট, আমি অবশ্যই পার্টিসিপ্যান্ট করার চেষ্টা করবো।


Thank you for your response. You can either share only a Screenshot or create an article about it. Thank you and God Bless! Please include the before and after..


Thank you for your ratings and reviews... God Bless

I have supported steemit and this is my screen shoot




Thank you for your ratings and reviews...Please include your before and after the ratings and reviews result.

Okey, I will familiarized and review the processes..

Let's do this!! 🙂

Here is my review



this is great...

Hello @steemitphcurator below are the screenshots to my review 👇



Good day! Here is mine.


This is my Steemit review
Screenshot 2022-05-01 17.32.05.png

Screenshot 2022-05-01 17.38.14.png

here is my review: