Steemit Philippines “Video Contest” Promotion Campaign


Mabuhay Pilipinas! As we aim to invite more Filipino Steemians, we've come up with an idea to initiate a video contest hoping that in this way we can convince more members by just simply sharing those videos on our different social media. We've known that we have members here who are experts on making videos, we are hopeful that this time you will share your skills with us and help our community as well.

📝📝 Rules;

  • Set 10% of your payout to @steemitphcurator
  • In the introduction of your video, you must state your steemit name and your place of origin(Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao)
  • It is advisable to use your language
  • You must Title your Videos “Steemit Philippines Promotion Campaign” video by @(username)
  • This video contest is intended to invite more Steemian, So you must include the following;
  1. How will you Introduce Steemit?
  2. How to make a Steemit account?
  3. How to log in to Steemit?
  4. What is your experience in Steemit?
  5. How did you use your income in steemit?
  6. How easy to become a Steemian?
  7. What are the articles that can be posted in Steemit?
  8. How long you've been in Steemit?
  9. Introduce Steemit Philippines to your audience.
  • Invite 3 of your friends to join us and resteem this post.
  • Show your creativity in video editing and it's up to you on how you make your videos presentable
  • Upon submitting your video with us at the same time you permit us to use it for our campaign.
  • To be entitled to booming submission you must include an article of your video with more than 300 words.
  • The presentation must be more than 3 minutes
  • Don't forget the following tag #steemph-video #steemph-contest #steemexclusive #steemitphilippines
Criteria for judging% score
Content originality30%
Creativity/ relevance to the theme30%
Overall quality20%
Following all the given rules20%

🏆🏆 Prizes;

1st price- 20 steem
2nd price- 15 steem
3rd price-10 steem


📌+All entries are our top priority for the booming recommendations.

🏁🏁Contest start - September 12-2021🏁🏁

🏁🏁We will accept entries until- September 24-2021🏁🏁

We are extremely excited about how well you present your entries with us and we are hoping that you give us a competitive entry. Let us make Steemit Philippines a friendly community full of fun.

What are you waiting for?

The Steemit Philippines Team,

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Extraordinary contest, exciting😉


Maam, cant wait to see your entry..😂


Hello sir gud eve, naa na man unta mi prospect ni natz04 sir katong teller sa Mlhuilier ug saleslady sa same place niya nag wait pami sa ilaha day off kay masuko daw ilaha boss nga nigerian kung time sa work.

excited to see everyones entry!


Maghulat gyud ko sa inyo entry Sir, kamo ni @leebaong..


bang hahhah! paningkamutan. Pero murag hasul hasul jud ni kay sa suwat lang. I upload nis youtube unya link lang?


Booom!!!! Hahaha.. ngitaan nakog paagi og magrasyahan tas oras and panahon...


Boooommm hahaha... gege.. paningkamutan.. nindot ni nga contest og magrasyahan tas oras ig panahon... lezgooo... 😇😇😇

Will plan things out and give ideas to the Luzon peepz!

Sana marami ang sasali..

Wow this is a great idea po. i am now thinking how to make video 🥰🥰🥰


Check my latest post neng may suggestions ako. Or somewhat guide.

necessary ba to show the face? hahaa


Pwede lang @junebride, importante unsaon nimo pag deliver ang message din dapat naa pud imo pics to prove nga imoha ang video, or mas maayo gyud siguro nga makita nalang gyud imo face sa video…


Its not mentioned so I think kahit VO lang.

wow great contest, can't wait to see it


Submit an entry, Dong…


hehe thank you sir huna-huna sa ko

Mag bisaya ta pwd .. Ay naku mogawas tagalog hilaw at english hilaw ani


Pwede ra mag Bisaya Nay,,


Cge tey nato ni ug salamat .

Hmmm maganda to. Tingnan natin kung Kaya Ng powers ko. 😂


Will try. Di pa Ako nka-try mag-edit Ng video eh. Anyways, I will gather all the necessary materials needed then make my draft para tuloy2.


will the vidoe be kind of annimations or ill video myself


You can do the video and editing yourself.

Hello team, why is it the benefactor #steemphcurator doesn't exist? I can't proceed my post. Are you refering to #steemitphcurator? Thank you for the immediate response


Sorry, it is a mistake.. @steemitphcurator


thank you sir

Finally, nakalugar najud intawn para mohimo ani. I hope sakto ni akong gibuhat 😜

“Steemit Philippines Promotion Campaign Video” by @christianyocte