[Replay] Just the bear necessities!

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So, you guys...YOU GUYS! Look what you did! You made me open up a factory sealed game! I opened up the game, turns out it was, indeed, factory sealed. Was, that is. You done did it!

But, I am a man of my word! We are playing Disney's The Jungle Book on the Game Gear tonight. This game came to me by way of Video Games Monthly, and now here we are!

Earlier this month, I uplaoded a video unboxing an awesome little thing called Video Games Monthly. If you missed out on the unboxing video, check it out on LBRY by clicking here or check it out on Youtube by clicking here. I'll have another video next week, got another awesome game to talk about!

Question of the Stream: What is your favorite of the disney games?

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In case you were wondering what's going on, we're testing something new. Yeah, VODs are happening. Stay tuned!


Hey @vimm.. I just did my 1st VIMM Live Stream.

Can you explain how you set the Live Stream to save the Recording?


Hello @chrisrice! Unfortunately replay recording is only available for testers as of now, it will become available to all users soon. We'll have a post up about that very soon 👍

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@ddrfr33k I loved the Disney Hercules game! 😁😁

Did you ever play it?


Never did. That was on PS1, right?


It was 😁 you know I'm a PS girl 😝


Nice. I didn't get my PS1 until the summer of 2000, so I didn't get to play a lot of the really good PS1 games until much later. Glad I kept the ones I did, though!

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Hey.. I just did my 1st VIMM Live Stream.

  • Can you explain how you set the Live Stream to save the Recording?

This feature is currently in testing. We're super excited to publish it everywhere, but it's not quite ready yet. This post was a test to see how well this system works.

We'll have a post on the @vimm blog soon with more details.