Heroes of Newerth - The Forgotten MOBA

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Game (Category): Heroes of Newerth

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Hi guys, during tough times like these, I decided to show some love to STEEM apps. Therefore, I'll be migrating my streams exclusively on Vimm.tv

Currently I'm playing Heroes of Newerth, hardcore MOBA from where all the MOBAs emerged! I'm located in Top 1000 players in the world so expect some decent gameplay from me. :)

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from where all the MOBAs emerged

far from accurate but yeah HON's the best
the original one though was Aeons of Strife, a warcraft 3 custom map. after AoS came Defense of the Ancients. later on a beefed up version of DotA, known as DotA Allstars, set all the standards. Finally, HoN wanted to be "DotA 2" so much that a lawsuit made them stop copying content from DotA 1. HoN was and still is the best moba though!