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It was a boring day at home,the kids started their holidays officially today because almost all private schools closed last week Friday here in Abia state.

Earlier on I helped the kids with their holiday project and afterwards we continued by doing some revisions on what they learnt last day

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Lying down on the couch this evening,I couldn't help but to think of how lucky and blessed I am,there are times when we feel that we haven't gotten to the point we desire, sometimes we feel we can only be grateful when we have bought our dream cars,built our own houses, and can afford all the luxury we need,and we forget that there are lots of people out there who are wishing to be like us or even close to us.

No matter the level you are in,there is someone out there who is hoping to be like you,so never wish that your own level or condition is the worst,you may feel that probably because you haven't heard other people's story,and if you are opportuned,you will be very grateful for where you are.

Not like it is bad to wish for greater heights, obviously we all want the best of everything,no one readily settles for the less, remember in "Economics", we learnt that human needs are insatiable,it means that those people who you feel are better than you also have people whom they see that are better than them,and so they keep wishing to get more,that is why people always say that "Life is not balanced".
It's okay to want more but then keep being grateful why you grow to a greater height,life is actually in different stages,learn to enjoy every moment,not forgetting the lessons each come with.

In conclusion,no matter your situation/circumstances,always give thanks,be happy!

P.s: First published by me HERE

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I was in university for ten years, so I have more than a degree in Economics. In my business degree, I learned about Satisfiers and Dissatisfiers.

A satisfier if something that has a limit on how much that you want to consume. If you are thirsty, a glass of water is precious to you. After you consume ten glasses of water, you might not want to buy the 11th glass. There is a limit on the satisfaction that you have for many products. As a consequence, satisfiers are perfect for motivating people. If you offer free coffee in the workplace, people are happy because they can drink until they have enough, and the following day their satisfaction level resets.

A dissatisfier is just the opposite. Money is a poor motivator. As a person who wants to make money, you must think I am mad. You might think that if you make more money at work, you would be happier. How much money will make you happy. If you were making $100 per hour, would you accept $1.00 more? If you were making $101 per hour, would you accept $1.00 more? In the long run, you will never be satisfied. More money can only make you less dissatisfied in the short run. This is where motivation and economics intersect. Dissatisfaction is the driving force behind insatiability.

Moving on to another one of my majors, psychology, they have an excellent model called Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.


People must satisfy the lower levels of needs before moving on to higher levels. That is why wives should never put their husbands on a diet. There is a saying that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. (There is also another need missing from the Physiological needs. That is touch or touching. Grooming behaviour in mammals leads to stress reduction.)

Working under this model, people transcend the concept of being insatiable. Once you fulfil one need, you move on to another and then move up the levels until you achieve Self-Actualization. Psychological aberrations occur when one becomes fixed at a particular level.


I love your comment. It was eye opening!. Indeed i can see economics in your writeup
😎. Just to let you know, am going to use some words from your comment. Thank you in advance


Economics, like most disciplines, shouldn't be used in isolation from other areas of knowledge. What might be true in one situation or time period, can be false under other circumstances.

Thank you for your appreciation and please give me a link to anything you might write. I used to have a way to get notifications when people would make new posts but it doesn't seem to work anymore.


Wow this is quite more expantiated,thanks so much for the explanations.