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Hi lovelies, beautiful evening from Nigeria,today am going to be sharing with us about someone that I met 2 years ago that I haven't forgotten and would never forget.

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There is something about meeting with strangers especially for the first time,there is usually a first impression that clicks depending on how both parties reacts with each other,there are people that you will encounter for the first time and will never forget for the rest of your life,not because they did something nice to you but because of how bad you were treated by them.

But for me,my own experience is different because my stranger was a nice one,it happened back in October 2019,I travelled to Aba,Ariaria International market,this market is situated in Abia state,it's actually a big market with lots of beautiful and affordable things,there is absolutely nothing you wouldn't find inside of Ariaria market and then trust Ariaria boys,they have a way of making all these expensive foreign products with substitute materials to help those who can't afford the rich men's luxury to feel among too.

Things are usually expensive in the town where I stay,so I usually keep a list of items I need and once I get money I go to aba to buy them rather than buying them at an expensive rate.

Christmas was approaching and I needed to go and buy all my family and I would need for Christmas,I had to go despite the fact that I was already 8 months pregnant,am usually strong though,coming out of the market,it started raining heavily,I quickly ran to a nearby provision store,the lady there let me in and helped me carry my bag,the rain was so heavy that you would hardly see buses around as it would be difficult to get passengers,my husband was already calling and getting worried because it was already getting late,I was so worried,the woman started trying to make me feel relaxed and even told me that if I can't make it back home that I can stay with her family,I refused because I knew my husband wouldn't be okay with me not coming home,the woman now pleaded with her brother who was with her in their shop to help take me to any bus stop where I could see a bus to take me home,I was so excited,I couldn't believe it, coming from someone who had never seen me before,I thanked her and I left.

We couldn't see buses around so the guy had to take to a junction before my town which was a 30 minutes drive from their shop,I was lucky to get a bus almost filled up there and that was how I joined them,not long two other persons came and we drove off,got home quiet late but I was grateful for the help I got and I never ceased to pray for the woman and her family.

P.S: It is good to be good!

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