Family and Peace


Two weeks ago, I was going out to get something, I saw a couple, which happened to be my former neighbour.


The woman was shouting, nagging, and abusing the man on the road, the man didn't answer her, so she stopped following the man.

I ran to the man and asked him what happened, the man was angry, I saw it in his eyes, I told him to calm down, he told me that woman is a devil, I told him not to call his wife a devil.

The man stared at me, and said, is like you don't know this woman, every time she complain, nags, abuse him and I asked him, what do you do when she does these things, he said nothing.

I asked him "are you sure" nothing? he said yes and i said OK, its good, I left him, I went to their house which was close to my own house, and I saw his wife.

The woman was still shouting and abusing her husband, even her neighbours came out. So I greeted her she didn't answer.

I sat down outside waiting for her to finished her talk, after then she asked me what do I want? I told her nothing, that I want to talk to her.

She said if it is because of that useless man that she doesn't have time, I told her to calm down.

After a few minutes, she asked me, this time,she was calm and I asked her why she did that on the road and everybody were looking at you? She said her husband deserved that, she said a lot of things.

I told her, Ma'am you see this life, husband are scars, if you do this everyday, another woman will snatch your husband from you and the woman will take good care of him and you will surprised, I left her.

So toady I saw her husband and the man was asking me what I told his wife that his wife has changed oh, I told the man I didn't do anything or say anything.


Ladies do you know if you keep abusing, nagging and insulting your husband or spouse, you will end up losing him?

Respect your man, or your husband, give him the respect he deserved and watch out and see how he will take care of you!
Men want peace, and we ladies it is our duties to do that, not putting pressure on them.

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