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Am happy dropping my diary post for today again. I noticed i have been waking up more late this days, I guess because I haven't been going out due to the covid-19 pandemic. Today I decided to do something special for myself. At around 6am I stood up from my bed did all my morning rituals (praying, meditation, watching motivational talks on YouTube and listening to podcast) that's how my morning rituals looks like for now. I haven't been reading due to my forth coming theological examination, I have been concentrating more on my exam books alone. Getting up went straight to the living room guess what?

My aunty twins were waiting for me already. I grab them closely to myself and start playing with them. They are nice kids and lovely to be with I must confess.

Twins and me in the morning

After playing with them I remember I have to visit a friend of mine. Rush to the bathroom brush my teeth and take my bath the same time looking nice then I set off. Before going out I decided to take a snap for my diary post.

the look before going out
Don't get it twisted, that not my car, we are getting there soon lol. My place to my friends house is about 1 hour drive. I took a bike to the junction were I have to enter tricycle for #100 ($0.27). Tricycle is the most common means of transportation here in lokoja. Enter and pay the sum of #500 ($1.4) to his place. On getting to his place, he has been waiting for me already.

We move on to the drawing board to continue from where we stop. Sorry, we have a project we are working on already. We sat to think and plan how to bring the project to limelight and support to finance the project. I spent the whole day at his place and return late back home at around 7pm feeling exhausted. It worth it because it was a whole day spent achieving something great. I remain the team leader for team7-nigeria.

Here is my membership for season 2 game post membership post

My team announcement postteam7-nigeria

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A fulfilled day you had. I'm happy to know you were able to achieve something great, though exhausted.

I'm curious to know if it's a school, business or political project you were working on. But it's fine if it's confidential.

I think you should consider putting captions to your pictures, since it's part of the rules for the game. I understand your diary have given a vivid explanation.

Keep it up and I wish you success in your project.


About the project, it's still work in progress and a close in out project. When the proper times comes it will be announced. Thanks boss

A Tricycle..that sounds like a good way to travel and get some exercise - you should post a picture of what it looks like please

Is the car you standing in front of a Honda?

Good post - keep posting and stay active on here



I will post pictures today, yesterday I forget doing that. This diary is teaching me how to make use of my camera this days.

I won't be surprised if you post one day that you gave birth to a twins. The young kids fits you like a shoe that match your size. When I first read the word rituals, I thought you went out to take sacrifice to a T- junction, but I'm glad you had a different mind set. It's nice reading your diary. You will soon get your own ride by God's grace. Steem on my dear brother.


I pray so, that someday I give birth to twins too. About the rituals that is Wat it means in the context. Am happy you drop by on my post. And for your prayers I pray God answers them so I can show my ride too on steemit. That will make this post a good reference point

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