It is often said that people meet for a reason. I believed so

Ella and I met in our first year in school. I was 18 and she 20. She was the sweetest, and our friendship became the envy of all the others. Ella was a friend and a sister to me. She was my adviser, the shoulder I leaned on when life and love picked at me. I met Ifeanyi at a shopping mall two years after I met Ella. Ifeanyi was a handsome man with a charming smile. Love at first sight was a foreign conception to me before I met Ifeanyi.


He was all I desired in a man: he made me feel beautiful and useful. But there was a problem, Ella disliked Ifeanyi from the first day I introduced him to her, she said he looked a player and that his words flew as if he recited them before saying them. She added that I was too good for him and deserved better. To me, Ifeanyi was very perfect Ella's hatred for him came as a shock. I was soon to find out why.

On that day, I didn't called Ifeanyi to tell him of my intended visit. I appeared at his door, pushed it open without as much as a knock, and majestically walked in with smiles beaming on my face. I sauntered into his room, only to meet him lying on his bed, clad only with a towel around his waist. He appeared shocked at my presence. He tried to speak, but his lips trembled instead. I curiously moved closer to his bed only to find an unused packet of condom on his bed. I didn't understand. When I asked if he was expecting anyone, he barely shook his head. I sensed that something fishy was going on.

As I stared at him, furrowing my brows in question, I heard a door swing open. A lady with just a towel around her chest walked out. I stared at her in wonder. It was Ella!. I didn't understand what was going on. Ella was supposed to be in school as she said the previous day and spend the night in another friend's house to come back today.

"You spent the night here?" I asked. Those were first words that their way out of my lips.

I threw a look at Ifeanyi and saw his lips mouthing words 'Devil'.

"Why don't you tell the innocent girl the truth?'' Ella suddenly barked. ''This is the reason I hated you from the onset' 'There was no remorse in her voice.


"What truth?" I questioned. Tears already welled up in my eyes, only a blink away from sliding down my face.

"What truth...?". I asked again, facing Ifeanyi,

He fell on his knees, tears streaming down his face. "I can't say I'm sorry. Just do to me whatever you wish to. Do with me whatever you wish to.". He pleaded.

"How long has this been going on?". I screamed. The tears finally found their ways down, I couldn't stop them. I parted my lips to speak further, to yell but no words nor sounds came out. I fell on my knees.

"Why, Ella, why me?" My voice had become weak and tired.

"Sweetie, it isn't me and It isn't the devil either. It is him." Ella said pointing a finger at Ifeanyi.

I was confused. Did Ifeanyi lure her into this?. I thought he loved me?.

"It isn't my fault...," she continued, "... Its Ifeanyi's. He prefers me. Honestly you did nothing to deserve this. I told you that you deserved better."

My heart ached on hearing those words. I felt my world crash before my eyes. How was I to survive the darkness, how was I to survive the sword pierced into my heart by the two people I loved with everything in me?. In tears, I ran out of the room without saying anymore word to either of them. I needed to end this.

My eyes opened, closed and opened again. They hurt. I realized I lay on a bed in a strange room, I heard indistinct chattering and then a sudden shout.

"Doctor! Doctor! She's awake!".

"Doctor?" I wondered. I didn't know anyone nicknamed 'Doctor' and I couldn't possibly be in a hospital.

"Where is Ella?" I asked the man sitting right by the bed I laid on. He was a stranger and looked to be in his early 30's. He was the one who had just announce my return to consciousness. The doctor walked in towards me.

"You're blessed my dear." He said in a low, deep voice, as he examined me.

"You need some rest". He paused a few seconds before looking in the direction of the stranger.

''Young man, our God is alive. You have no reason to worry."

"Why am I here? Where are Ifeanyi and Ella? I asked curiously. My head suddenly began to ache.

"Young man..," the doctor called him, ignoring my questions. "You don't have to worry."

He left the room ordering me to get some rest. Tears began to stroll down my cheeks as my memory slowly began to return. I remembered vividly what my friends had done but I didn't understand the bandage around my head or why I was in a hospital. As I cried still, the stranger dragged his seat closer to me. He introduced himself as Ikenna. He informed me that I had been unconscious for three days?

I was in the kitchen preparing the Sunday rice when my little Koko crawled in, and Ikenna walked in, a bright smile beaming his face. I couldn't ignore them. They reminded me of that of Ifeanyi's. I stood, smiling too. I looked down at little Koko and up at Ikenna, they were the blessings Ella's betrayal made come my way. Indeed, people did meet for a reason.


As my heart couldn't contain the joy alone, I walked towards Ikenna and placed a warm kiss on his lips.

"I'm glad they betrayed me.". I murmured into his ear.

"And, I'm most happy that you weren't careful on the road. You walked absentmindedly on that day". He responded in a whisper.

We laughed.

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