Dear Future Husband

21일 전

I am coiled up in my bed thinking about you
Hey, don't go there, I am not thinking about the do
I am just wondering
If I will come home someday to freshly made meals
And hands ready to rub my heels


Teasing me with something light
And singing me lullaby at night
I am just wondering
If there would days of strolling in the dark
looking at the stars, like Rose and Jack

What of those sweet gibberish nonsense
that boys tell girls to wipe their commonsense
Will I be getting it in weekly doses
You see, I am not asking for roses
I am just saying toast me everyday
like it was the first day we met

I 've heard many shits from this street
A thousand reasons why marriage isn't it
But you see, I have kept my innocent mind secured
letting nobody spoil my raggae with their realistic blues
They say I day-dream, and I wonder is it their dream?

They ask me to grow up,
Mbok Can't I be a babygirl for life?
Dreams are valid they say
So I better err on the side of faith
That is why I look forward to that future
With a picture of you saying to me
“baby you don't need to cook”


Man must not live by bread alone
Talk about a man that knows the scripture
While others fight for who is the boss
He tells me one plus one is us
You is me,me is you,we is we
She bi I no dey dream shaa?

But dreams are valid naa
Dear man of mine,
You see, it is not by force to do
I will rather day-dream all my life
Than deal with a nightmare, I can't
I cannot come and kill myself
“I do” is not a “must do”
one plus one can be fine as two
Er..m, lest I forget

Hope your daddy skills are tight fa?
Just asking, because I am a baby-material
limited edition, 1zillion yards and more,
Ermm..Hope you are playful to the core?
Wife material is old-fashioned, na before before
Issa a baby girl and daddy something now

Pussy cat is my spirit animal
Thousand shades of mushiness
Zillion shades of gumminess
Forget the bold face and strong head
They are the needed high-walled fence
Keeping stray-stones away from a glass house
Las las, Dear bobo mi


No worries, I go do you well,
And make your head to swell
Give you a good story to tell
I cannot even hurt a fly
If it is a river, that I can cry
But I'll rather stick with a smile

I did not kuku come to die
Er..m, not to worry gender equality no go be fight for our yard
if you is me and me is you, is we not we again?
There is no need fighting for equality
where there is perfect unity


And the goose and gander share immunity
It is you, I and God, issa trinity
And so it shall be till infinity
Okay, las one, will you make my dream a reality?
Abi shulai i kuku buy a ring written, “single and slaying it till inifinity?”
Till you answer...bye for now
Now your turn, what is your favourite line from this poem?

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