In as much as criminality, civil unrest, Crises and other Form of Violence against the State is highly condemnable, There are yet unanswered Questions?


What Led to The Crises?
Could it be Politically Motivated?
Could it be a case of a dog barking and attempting to bite the owner
Out of Hunger, neglect or starvation?

No stakeholder has issued Press release
The biased, lopsided media are mute.
Like the case of the women caught in adultery in the Bible, the man was never mentioned..
The focus was on the woman whilst the man was shielded probably because he might have been one of the Pharasee or Sadducee...

They have shown us what they want us to see....
Surely God knows the truth.
Even as the blood of Abel crieth
For vengeance, The blood of the innocent shall also be required by God, the creator.
Governance and Politics has timing and limitations..

... Truly we shall all stand before the
Judgement seat of Christ.
On that day no security operative, judge
Or bullet proof van would be useful.
Isaiah 33:22, 2 Corinthians 5;10


The blood of the innocent shall not be in vain, it's a matter of time.
May the soul of the departed rest in peace. Amen!

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