Jude walked sleep laden out of his church's premises after a just concluded power packed all night. The only thought on him mind as he picked his way home in the wee hours of the morning was sleep. He checked his wrist watch for the umpteenth time to ensure he would catch enough sleep before 8:00am when he would be at the office. It was 3:49am and he had barely 30minutes to get home.


The road was dark, lonely and quiet and Jude despite his feigned courage, had his fears. As he trudged down the dark road, a flood of light from the headlamp of an on coming vehicle blinded him momentarily and the vehicle in that split second swerved menacingly in front of him as its rear doors flung open.

Two hefty looking gorilla faced men bounced out of the vehicle and let fly an array of gunshots to scare away any form of help that would stop their motive. One of the macho monsters lifted his weather beaten hand and doused Jude's soft right cheek with a thunderous slap that sent him sprawling on the ground. Jude lost consciousness.

Jude opened his eyes minutes later and was reminded of the ugly incidence by the stingily pain on his face. He tried raising his hand but it appeared to be tied to his feet and his mouth was sealed to prevent him from gnawing through the rope. After a few minutes, the stench of blood filled the atmosphere - human blood.

A middle aged man clad in a red gown and a white waist cloth crawled out of the inner part of the room in which Jude and 11 other boys where stacked. He bore a shiny machete in his right hand and a calabash in the left. Baba as the man was addressed by his boys - Jude's abductors - proceeded to performing the rituals for which the boys were assembled. He walked to the first person on the line and checked him through as though searching for blemish. After the inspection, he brought down his machete on the lad's neck without mercy and to the chagrin of Jude.


Jude was bemused, bamboozled, flabbergasted and overwhelmed as he watched blood trickle down the red stained machete and on went the killing.

Jude said a little prayer, reposed his soul in the bosom of the Lord and prepared for the worst as the spree got closer. In no time, it was his turn and the Baba looked him through as was usual. He lifted his diligent machete, smiled sarcastically and brought down the machete.

Jude jumped out of his bed, ran out the bedroom and ran to the sitting room. He quickly grabbed his dust covered bible and fumbled with its pages in search of the ever popular ''no weapon'' verse.
''so this was a dream'' he thought out loud.

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