There are things that causes the tears to flow more than a slap or a punch.
There are things that when the eyes see them, will never stop bleeding.


After my exams yesterday, the rain began to fall. I was used to walking under the rain and so, I didn't bother running into a shade...my books were the only things I had mercy for as I walked on. I walked on, and out of the school gate and just then, my eyes caught two mad men sitting by the road side, just opposite my school. One was new, he was huge and handsome...and the other has been there.

Something halted my movements and I stood to watch them... I watched as the new one shivered, his left hand supporting his jaw as his eyes travelled around watching the students walking to and from the school, his right hand was placed at the other man's back, his head relaxing on the new guy's lap...

He was trying to cover him from cold while himself was shivering to death... Just that singular act pricked my lacrimal grand an my tears began to run down my face... I dried my eyes with my handkerchief and walked on wishing I had a sweater...

As I got into the bus, I couldn't stop crying... I kept looking outside the window and the pictures of the love displayed by the new man continued to flash...

That new man was a man who knew the old man from nowhere but yet, he tried to show him love...to care, to try to cover him from cold even when himself was shivering to death.


I wore my sweater to school today. I was hoping it would rain again and that I would see them in the same position I saw them the day before... I don't know... but..but......

But, he was not there. It didn't rain today.

What about me?
What about you?
What about us?

Sometimes, I wait for that fellow to first ask for help before I will render the help to him/her(thats if at all I will).
Sometimes, I want to be noticed for the help I rendered to a fellow, thereby opting (sometimes) to help only those who knows me, only those fellow I know...(If I at all decide to).

I go days and weeks and months without being able to put a smile on someone's face, without being able to be the angel that that depressed fellow will see.


I go days and weeks and months without being able to give that fellow who is at the verge of giving up the hundred reasons why he shouldn't that surpasses his million reasons for wanting to give up.
Sometimes, I even ignore someone in need just because of anger!

Sometimes, I shout at little kids who come to play with me or who talk to me nicely, just because I'm angry, just because things didn't go the way I wanted and expected them to.

I think I'm normal, at least, I don't go about in very dirty clothes/rags half naked... I think I'm sane, at least, I don't feed on dust bins or on leftover foods' but yet, the kind of care, kindness that the said 'insane' man showed his fellow yesterday, I have never shown to any being; alive or dead, and yet, I still think I'm normal. I'm sane.

What about you? How many people depend on you for their daily smile?
For encouragements?
For care?
For food?
For any kind of help?

How many people do you make their days...do you cause to smile and say that they have met the angel they have never seen...


Well, I know there are still very sane nice people... I have met many and I know that there are still many.

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