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Assalamualaikum friend of steemit how are you?
And today I'd like to share my Posting all over the world of dhayry about my activities today.

As usual at five past thirty I got up early, I went to the bathroom to take a wudhu to have an early prayer and my wife woke up with me, and finished my morning prayer waiting for my wife to cook breakfast and coffee water.



After breakfast I went to the rice fields to somprot the pests that caused the rice crop to spoil and crop failure. And I also pulled out the grass in the rice fields


At twelve o 'clock I was invited to my humble home to share a meal of mutton stew, as part of the shmeasuring and family prayer.



At two o 'clock I go to the market for fish, Onions, garlic, cayenne pepper, and vegetables.
And my daughter wants me to buy her a toy.


After shopping for my son mawu's kitchen materials, although may's balls were quite tasty and his first to set up the mei meatballs in my area.
After the kid ate the meatball noodles my wife also bought oranges, salads for the kids when they got home.


At seventeen in the evening I take my wife and go for a walk around the village. And watching the children practice football after the maghrib prayer my wife and I went to my lab and waited for our children to come home.
Twenty-one after thirty I went home with my wife and children because my young child was sleepy.
Reached my wife and I to carry on prayer insya.

So my story of today's activities is alive, thanks to its attention, which reads and watches my story.

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Thank you for sharing the diary with us here, and keep on sharing, and I really enjoy reading it.


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