The Sublime Life of the Dragonfly

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My original artwork

At the end of the day, flying towards the sunset, an old dragonfly started to recapitulate his entire life.

"Oh, I had such a long and fulfilled life!
Since my very first gaze upon a drop of dew on a trembling grass,
my childhood was so noble in a fine company of morning glories.
I am so grateful to the sun which generously painted my perfect wings with its golden rays,
with glow and shine as if I was a rainbow king.
Now I am old and a little bit tired, but truly content and sure I have seen all the beauties."

The old dragonfly silently flew into the deep moonlit night.

@inka8 with love

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@inka8 I have discovered a post from two years ago that already displays the text of this poem that you use in this post! Have a look for yourself:

Also, the post that it seems you have lifted the writing in this post from is a user who we have already blacklisted and kicked from The Ink Well for spamming content that has nothing to do with poetry or fiction. Also, in the original post from two years ago the writer is credited as 'By Jasminka S' which seems to be someone different than the steemian who originally posted this work anyway, so even in that first instance it gives every indication of being a plagiarized post.

We take plagiarism in any form very seriously at The Ink Well, as stated in our rules.

Rule: No plagiarism - Any content creators posting plagiarized posts here will be removed from the community and reported to projects that counter abuse such as @steemflagrewards. We will also downvote the plagiarized content with the community vote.

Also re-posting content is frowned upon throughout the steem ecosystem.

Whatever the circumstances may be around all of this, The Ink Well as a curie sponsored community ONLY supports new and original content.

It is for all these reasons that this content has been down voted, and you have been muted from posting in this community. Feel free to respond to this issue if you would like!

Hi @inka8

After chatting with my colleague and co-founder @stormlight24 of The Ink Well (who is active in teamserbia) it seems that the account that this content was originally posted on is your husbands.

I have unmuted your account for now, but would like to stress that we really cant support re-posted content. We do want to encourage everyone who posts their original new creative writing to The Ink Well, so please in the future just stick to new poems or stories that have not appeared on steem before.

I will update the rules to reflect this more clearly and am happy to give you a second chance.

I do like the poem honestly, it just rang my alarm bells as a curator.

Thanks for your understanding.


Thank you for understanding and I apologise once again. I feel truly sorry. I love to write, but now I fell kind of ashamed. Best regards.


Dear inka8, please don't be ashamed!
I've made sooo many blunders here at Steemit. It's easy to do.
Your original artwork of the dragon is lovely! Your husband's poem is a great companion to it.
The lesson here: attribute it to him, and include the disclaimer that it was published here 2 years ago. Nobody here is likely to notice or remember that; we rely on algorithms or some mathemagic to catch "plagiarism," which this was not. It was an "oops," didn't cite the source. (That's how I see it anyway.) I'm not faulting you or anyone at hive-170798, now known as The Ink Well. I'm happy to have you among us. And I love dragonflies, btw. :)