Covid-19 protest song


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Covid-19 2020
say goodbye to times of plenty
hello 2021
recession’s only just begun

Street protests break out and scatter
now we know that #blacklivesmatter
#takeaknee but not on me
lockdown of my liberty

Wear a mask to hide your face
now we know it’s a disgrace
being outside is now taboo
now we’re all the new #metoo

Social distance keep away
lockdown level three today
when it lifts they’ll let us know
endless house arrest my bro

Stay home stay safe and wash our hands
outside the coveyman still stands
or so they say fake news today
inflating figures all the way

Hype that false flag up the pole
bankrupt buried in a hole
pile them up those dead and debts
stocks up though so place your bets

Print that fiat currency
just don’t call it more QE
rose by any other name
still draws blood on thorns of shame

Fake the reason for the crash
covid’s why you’ve got no cash
not quite true I hear you say
collapse was coming anyway

We don’t buy this viral news
pandemic was a giant ruse
hoax of this whole century
while we wait to be let free

Meanwhile back in our home town
no deaths no cases of renown
only some vague rumor mill
fake news someone’s trying to shill

All this lockdown misery
engineered to herd the free
vax us all and chip the lot
in the land that time forgot

No it’s not going back to norm
that was way before the storm
we’re the underwater nation
locked behind our Gates Foundation

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I agree!!!! I wish my upvote were not dust.

Perhaps Steemit will gain even more hold after people lose more faith in the current systems of governance...who knows? I believe blockchain has a bright future. For me, as an artist and author, Steemit is a way for me to archive my works and to be transparent. #backafter5months