cocoa plant

2개월 전


hello all steemians friends wherever you are on this occasion tonight I want to discuss about cocoa fruit which has many benefits


Well my friends are all as usual this time I went to my cocoa garden to check if any of my cocoa pods were ripe and I saw my cocoa pods on the tree, only one ripe fruit and a lot of everything that covered my cocoa pods maybe Ants also really like this cocoa fruit because the taste of the seeds is very sweet and there is one more animal that really likes cocoa fruit, namely the squirrel, if I don't often take care of the cocoa pods, the squirrels eat the fruit so it has holes and the seeds run out. eat squirrel


and one more way to process it if I have picked the cocoa pods I split and I take the seeds then I wash so that the seeds no longer have flesh on the sticky seeds and after I wash them clean then I hang them in the sun until the seeds dry then the sales process specifically where the cocoa beans are purchased will be sent to other areas because in the aceh area there is no processing plant or what is called pt and cocoa pods are often made for chocolate cake or ice cream and others his



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