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Hello everyone!

Today I am going to share with you guys about my very special pet which is not as usual a cat or dog but rooster,  I got this rooster for months ago from my aunt it as my gift because 4 months ago I passed medical Entry test and because of that my aunt brought made this rooster from village. 

When the rooster arrived everyone was so shocked that it was such an incredible gift but I was so happy it was much greater than any of the other  expensive gifts.

 From that day on I am taking care of the rooster and at leaves at the roof of our house and the reason why I have kept a rooster because it's and its cock a doodle Doo is what I like the most and it wakes me up in the morning and because of its cock a doodle do, it reminds me of my village and I feel like so special and so relax with its cock a doodle doo.

Oh yes you guys might thinking that why I have tied his leg well it was not like that in the start but it was a little bit funny story one day in the morning when I went up to give some food he was not there and he was on the roof of my neighbor house want him to come back he did not come and flyover and went to the other house but as a lady I could not go and jump on the roots so there was a kid in the neighbor house I told him that go and get my Roaster for me and believe me it took him about two hours to bring him back because the rooster was very fast and after that day now I am tired his leg so that he cannot leave me alone..

Rooster Food

Basically the rooster eats everything which is available in the form but when it is not in the form what will heat so I gave him bread. The bread is way softer than other things so he ate it with love and also we bought him some other food which is pearl millet. Which is one of the basic foods of all the chickens and roosters because it is rich in protein And fibers.

My rooster used to eat about one cup of pearl millet a day which is a thing enough for his health.


Will rooster is a symbol of discipline because a rooster is kept in the form only because to keep all the chickens and discipline and if they fight with each other It saves each and every chicken with his Flock.

Also it is very alert and active in the forms and in the house it also gives danger alert when there are anyways or any other danger around you it alerts you with his cock a doodle doo. It also Returns the hens when there is the enemy around them and keeps their eggs safe by protecting them with their flock and keeping them safe all the time that's why on every farm you will see a rooster who is making discipline in the form and keeping all the chickens and hens in order.


In the end of the day I have came to a conclusion that I should send this rooster To my village and I will give it to my my cousin they will keep it with other hands and rosters of them at their house in village because I don't like to tied him all the time and keep taken it will be free to go here and there and it whatever you want so it is my decision to make him free and send them to the village. Many Love to dear @maksina for making this very interesting and great opportunity to write about our pets at home in this way we could know about different pets and more about their behavior.

All Health To You!

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With Love


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