CLUB5050 💖 "Kids of the world - TOYS" by @olesia and @soulwind | 👶🌍☘️ | Announcement of the winners of week #31 and the beginning of week #32

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Good day to all, friends! We see that you really like our competition, it's nice!

Guys, in fact, read what to write about in the competition. Since many participants write completely off topic. Thank you in advance!
‌We suggest this time to change the style a little, namely: Children and their toys. You can write about how your children play games, what are their favorite toys.

The 31 week of the competition is over. Phase 32 is about to begin! And now we are rewarding the participants!

We want to thank @steemrurator01 for supporting the competition! Thank you very much for your contribution to the development of the competition, thanks to your efforts "Kids if the world" gathers many participants with interesting posts!

This week's winners:







Congratulations to the winners!
This week was attended by participants:
@zaria56, @papi.mati, @safridafatih, @strawberrry, @belenc, @nurul.abs, @menfita, @bostonblake,

And we continue! Announcement Week 32

The "Kids of the World" contest from @olesia & @soulwind starts from November 27 to December 03 inclusively until 00:00 Ukrainian time.

Participation rules:

✓ Invite 1-3 authors to participate in the competition (just indicate their nickname in the post)
✓ An author from any country, in any language can participate
✓ The title of the publication "Kids of the World" followed by whatever you like.
✓ 200 words of text. Specify the nicknames @olesia and @soulwind in the post
✓ One or more photos from personal archive
✓ Check #kidsoftheworld #ukraine (your country)
✓ Post must be written in the Steem-BRU community (BY-RU-UA)
✓ Add a link to your post in the comment
✓ If you rate this post, we will be grateful to you.

Reward 30 steem:
1st place - 15 STEEM
2nd place - 10 STEEM
3rd place - 5 STEEM

Dear participants! Support for your posts @steemcurator 01, 02, 06 and others is not guaranteed. This is not stated in the terms of the competition. We cannot influence the assessment of the curators and have no right to do so.

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All good!



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Congratulations to the winners!
Join the CLUB5050 program


Congratulations to all the Winners 😍

Поздравляю победителей!!!
Замечательный конкурс!

#ContestAlerts #winwithsteem

Этот конкурс включен в ежедневный Активный список конкурсов

👉 Contest Alerts: Active Contest List on 27th Nov 2021 – Win 2450+ STEEM

Следите за обновлениями и следите за новостями


@disconnect, thank you!)


You are welcome 💖

Hola familia. Felicitaciones a los ganadores, me incluyo jeje. me encanta que les haya gustado mi publicación, así que es un placer participar de estos concursos que traten de niños, me permite conocer otros niños del mundo y que vean las caritas venezolanas. Saludos y bendiciones.


Thank you)

excellent congratulations that you are uploading your steem Power

Спасибо огромное за внимание к моим постам!

Congratulation to all the winners 🎉🎉

selamat untuk semua pemenang..

Congratulations to all the winners