What can we do for Ukraine & What Ukrainians may need to know

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Only one photography for cover - my visit in Lviv in 2010. The very first visit abroad that I have made as the adult person

I'm almost not active on Steemit for a week, because of many personal problems and bad health conditions but today when Steemit can be used for more meaningful things than writing the Diary Games, I had to launch the platform.

We all already know that Putin ignored all the international rules and in need to cure his complexes, he decided to do the thing that the future history books will describe as the craziest actions since the second world war. Many Russians do not approve of that madness, others, by their ignorance, follow national propaganda and support the guy who leads the country for over two decades, the time that no leader in any democratic country would be allowed to lead, but dares to speak about the freedom and democracy in Ukraine as not valid. They follow the person who says that Ukraine with their army endangered Russia, which has 10 times more soldiers and weapons (how?), the same Russia that occupies Crimea for 8 years, and destabilized the eastern part of Ukraine, so who is the real danger for who? They swallow the propaganda that Ukraine is the extension of NATO, that NATO wants to destroy them, not seeing that their actions, their unreasonable cassus beli video, recorded with the quality of 14 years old youtuber, will be the thing that will destroy Russia. Not with military solutions, because only Putin is so crazy to shoot to the people in XXIst century, but economically, by the sanctions, that soon, hopefully, will include launching SWIFT ban.

All of that is not so important now though. Only national TV in Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua is following the propaganda. China tries to become neutral or slightly pro-Russian too. Besides that, 193 other countries agree that Russia is the bad guy here and that Russia, has to pay for its actions.

Let's focus on Ukraine now. Puta(in) does not deserve more of our attention. I would like to share some information that may help Ukrainians who don't know what to do now, as well as to all non-Ukrainians who want to help (extra points if you are Russian, then your help is double meaningful)


Many things had been simplified for Ukrainian refugees who are looking for shelter in Poland due to the Russian Invasion

  • traveling with animals: for the time of the war, there is no need to make the certificate of antirabies vaccination. You can come to Poland with your pet and you don't need any additional documents.

  • children do not need a passport to cross the border with their parent(s). The birth certificate is enough

  • Poland allows all the Ukrainians to cross the border. You don't need any VISA to come here. Perfectly, if you have a biometrical passport, but it's possible also with the old, regular passport or even with the simplest ID. You can stay in Poland for 90 days with a biometrical passport or 15 days with any other ID. Alternatively, you can ask on the border for your international refugee status. In the first case, you won't be asked for anything, except for your data (name, surname, etc), in the second case your ID document may be taken and you will receive the special certificate which you will need to have all the time with you.

  • the foreigners who currently are in Ukraine are also allowed to look for the shelter in Poland

  • Because all men in age 18-60 are now part of the Ukrainian army, they may have problems with crossing the border. If someone is in need to look for a shelter, it's recommended to cross it by forest - Poland will not deport those men and they are allowed to ask for shelter as well.

  • for those of you who have higher education or 5 years of experience at work, there is one old and not-so-popular law that can make it easier. It's called The Blue Card - it will allow you and your family to look for a job in European Union without getting any additional permissions.

  • check this official website for more information (it's in Polish, English, Ukrainian and Russian): https://www.gov.pl/web/udsc/ukraina


  • If you need a sworn translator from Ukrainian to Polish, you may contact www.tlumaczeniapruszkow.pl (phone: +48 502 720 743). They are available 24\7 and they offer their services pro bono.

  • In this Facebook group you will find tens or even hundreds of Polish lawyers who will help you pro bono and answer all your questions

  • in the same group some people offer that they may host Ukrainians at their homes or give them a ride from the border

  • If you just need to talk, you have a fear related to what is happening in your country now, call me or text me. I will not have any solutions, but I will hear you and be for you. I'm papi.mati#3791 on discord and I promise to check messages regularly to be there for you as much as possible. I speak Polish, English, and basic Spanish. Remember that I'm in Argentina right now, so there is a time difference between our countries.

  • If you need a place to stay or someone who could drive you from the border to your family/friends, check this Facebook group or text me and I will try to contact my friends in Poland.

  • All Ukrainians in Poland can use the trail in any direction for free. PKP announced they won't check the tickets of the refugees starting from today (26.02) until 26.03.


  • if you are Ukrainian and you need free healthcare, LuxMed company will take care of you in every city in Poland. Call +48 22 45 87 007

  • if you are in Cracov and need legal help, shelter, clothes, food or anything else, contact Salam Lab Organization. That's one of the greatest organizations in Poland which is focusing on the refugee situation.
    Other verified organizations which you may try to reach: Twoja Widzialna Ręka; Fundacja WOLNO NAM, or the city of Kraków, as they launched their own support program too.



  • check the sources of the information that you read. There is plenty of Russian propaganda on the Internet. Share only verified information, talk about the war but use the proper language (not conflict, but war; not Russian-Ukrainian war, it's Russian war, the aggressor is only one; it did not start a week ago, but 8 years ago; it's not because Ukraine wanted to join NATO, Putin did not consider Ukraine as the country since always, he clearly said it in his last expose, etc)

  • every time you see in social media trolls and misinformation, report it as hate speech. Unfortunately, Russia is using media to the cyberwar spreading misinformation not only in Ukraine but around the world (more often in Northern Hemisphere)

  • protest, demand the worst possible sanctions for Russia. If you are Russian, your protest is a hundred times more important. Show to Ukraine and to the world that Russians are an amazing nation, and only their dictator is a sick psycho. I know people who are protesting in Russia are often arrested, but consider if being arrested is such a big deal - it may save many lives.

  • buy from Ukrainian companies. Verify who is the owner of the Russian company before you will spend even one cent in there. Every dollar given to the Russians who support Putin means economical support for invading and killing Ukrainians

  • donate to one of the hundreds of international organizations that are collecting the money for Ukraine. Select the organization that you know - those sorts of situations are often used by scammers so make sure your money will end in Ukraine. I recommend savelife.in.ua as the organization which supports the Ukrainian Army Forces.

Helping Ukrainian Steemians

All Steemit users from Steem-BRU are most welcomed in Steem-Travelers community. Always the quality of the content is the most important factor while selecting for the booming support, but I will put additional attention to the Ukrainian authors who will be sharing the content there to support them in those difficult times.

The data had been completed from the government pages and opinions of the lawyers in the linked non-profit support group for Ukrainians.


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You said it right!
Yesterday in Moscow, about 1,000 people were taken from squares to police stations for their words about disagreement with the war.

My older brother just called me and called me a Bandera, scolded me for the words I posted on VKontakte that I am against the war, against the war with Ukraine, against Putin's actions.


The biggest tragedies in the history were always the reason of the crazy decisions of individuals.

I have no doubts many wonderful Russians disagree with their leader and I know it's much more difficult for them to express the opinion there.

You are doing a great job showing that not the whole nation is with Putin. Thank you for that, I'm proud of you!


I am offended that there are many war lovers in our country. And this is under the pretext of protecting the people of Donbass. But the Russian Colonel Girkin (Strelkov) seized power in the Donbass in 2014. The war has been going on there ever since. The authorities have changed there many times, but the leaders there have always been military people. They only know how to fight, so they wage war and make money at the expense of the war.
Girkin is accused of being the one who shot down the plane over Ukraine. He is now talking a lot against Putin, because he was kicked out of Donbass after the plane was shot down.
That is why he is angry at the current government of Russia.

I am hurt and scared because of the war. I'm Russian and I definitely didn't want that. My friend is in Ukraine, and I do not know what words to find to talk to her. Unfortunately, Russians will now be hated. It makes me sad because we ordinary people didn't make this decision. And we are against the war.


It's not Russians, but Putin to be hated for that. The Russian nation is amazing and many people
from that country does not support this madness. I do hope it will be obvious for everyone...

Excelente aporte... Las noticias inundan al mundo a su manera, pero es bueno contar con una mano amiga... Mi apoyo a esa comunidad que aprecio tanto Steem-BRU (BY-RU-UA)... Desde que estoy escuchando no he dejado de pensar en cada una de las personas que he conocido allí... Esperando alguna noticia... Pueden contar conmigo de corazón...


  • free psychological support
  • free train communication in Poland for Ukrainians


Hello sir, these is a bounch of valuable information that can be of help to everyone in that zone. I wish each one in Ukraine takes time to read this publication, because this is just what they need.

At this point due to the unrest situation, folks might be confused about what to do, but beign calm and following valuable information like this will help.

This must have been an extensive reaserach to come up with this great info.

Thank you for sharing and i hope i can share these with my folks whom i belive will need this.

Thank you.


I agree, but... Easy to say, more difficult to do. I'm not there, I'm not even Ukrainian, and yet I'm struggling with staying calm. The enormous crime against humanity is happening.

Ukraine is an amazing country with an equally amazing nation. I am sure they will survive that brutal showtime of the dictatorship from the neighborhood and I truly hope Russia not only will lose the war but also will become marginalized in the world like nobody before, until the real democratic changes will be introduced there (which may mean a lot of time, considering that Russia had never been democratic yet).


Nunca fue democrática. Bien dicho!

I'm deeply impressed. That's concretly and purposeful. Hug!

Been following the happenings on National and International television. It breaks my heart seeing people fleeing from their homes.
Here in South Africa our government has warmed us not to get involved in the conflict as we "have our own internal problems". Gosh! Show me one country who doesn't have problems. We can just pray that a solution is found soon.

Great advice you are sharing, thank you!

Esto es muy interesante. Lo compartiré con mis amigos y en todas mis redes. Es tan valioso este aporte que realizas, amigo @papi.mati.
Dios permita que muchos puedan acceder al refugio que precisan en estos momentos.
Enorme el aporte, te lo agradezco
Steemit da para esto y mucho más

The information is very valuable, it must be shared, so that many benefit

Wow, this is an amazing article, a very informative and helpful one of course. I really liked the part whereby you said you would be helping the Ukrainians n your community. I think every community should also do the same to help them in these difficult times.
Thanks you for sharing this article.

It is a difficult time because some nations are yet to fully recover from the Covid19 Pandemic and this now, it is devastating at the moment. I pray for God protection upon their lives and most especially offering to help is so thoughtful of you and I believe this will come to an end soonest and let peace reign once again.

@papi.mati excelente aporte para nuestros hermanos de Ucrania. ¡Dios te bendiga en grande!
Post-Data: Me encantó tu introducción 👌🙂.
Espero que tu salud mejore. ¡Saludos!

My heart aches for Ukraine, and I can't even imagine how awful it is to experience something like that and be in the middle of the war. I can't watch the videos and photos of people dying in Ukraine, and it's horrifying to understand that no one knows when everything is going to end. When I learned about this project, I immediately decided to donate a few humanitarian kits and some money to an organization that supports Ukraine, so I hope that my impact helped at least one person there.