Achievement 4 by @adil69 -Task; Applying Markdown

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I hope you are all well and busy with your work today I have made you achievement 4 I am going to see you all



  • markdown is a markdown language that makes it easy to format text in a special way using a set of characters. With Markdown, we can change a text to make it more pleasing to the reader. Well; middle boost decrease divides the color of a header or Steemit among others changes

The hashtag (#): helps us increase or decrease the size of the title or word that we want to highlight is placed in front and leaves a space between the hashtag and the selected phrase

  #  Headline   1
 ##  Headline   2
 ###  Headline   3
####  Headline   4
#####  Headline   5

The number of hashtags (#) we place will determine the size of the word


Headline 1

Headline 2

Headline 3

Headline 4

Headline 5

Markdown for Bold headline

  • This key was used in a paragraph with a title, which is very useful for creating topics

    **using bold syntax**

using bold syntax

Markdown for italic headline

  • Let's make the text with maximum fonts in a sentence of 1 and the last part of the first sentence

    *For itali syntax*

For itali syntax

Link hide to source

  • This function is used to hide the link of the source image. [Source] (link below)




A very easy way to create one, while creating a table to copy and paste into another account in the post

  Column 1 | Column  2
       --------- | ----------
        Row 1 | Row  2


Column 1Column 2
Row 1Row 2

For center Text

  • We call this the center of text alignment. Used to insert when using the middle of the page text.

     <center> text here </center> 


text here

add Subscript

This function was used to add numbers or text above the baseline.

  <sub> text or number here </sub>

text or number here

Thank You So Much




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Hi @adil69, I am pleased to inform you that you have been verified for this task.
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Hi, @adil69,

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