Achievement 1 for Introduction Myself ||by @adil69

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To all my steemian friends I hope that you are all will be happy and enjoying your good health I am also fine and well Today i am here for my introduction post in this great community My friends told me to work in this great Decenterlize platform I am very excited for working here as a member of steemit I am going to introduce myself
So lets start

My Name

My name is Adil Saqib and my father name is Muhammad Zubair And he is a Army officer

My picture

First of all I show you my picture because the picture has great impact of anyone's personality so here is my photo for introduction I simply hold the My account name of steemit and click the pic


Now I want to tell you about my studies.


I have deploma in D.Com and I also deeply know about the computer And I I also work on the things of latest technology
I completed my education at Degree College Depalpur in 2014 Then I inter in the some finantial works


I am a great lover of Gaming and the technaloge of computer I had played many games and I had learn about mant future technology and I also have a small lawn in my home I creat it with my hands and I also take care of it
here is my laptop pic because it do not work then I repair it let see


Apart from this I have also make the powerbank for myself in my lab please see



And Now I share you my gaming experience I play the free fire game and here I share the phooto of this game


My Photography

I am also fond of the photography so here pics of the my camera.

As am a villager so I often went out to home and enjoy with friends in the fields There I saw this old man who was working hard in the intense hot sunshine He has many buffaloes.So then I click the picture of the great scene
And then the other picture is about the River which is located near to my village It is really a very big river I have a pic to share you

And there i also a picture of the fields


I hope that you Like my introduction post.I have a great passion to work in this plateform I posted here two introduction post but these were not approved but i am not disappointed
Please now verify my Achievement 1 post

Special Thanks




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Hello @adil69,

Welcome to Steemit.

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Hi, @adil69,

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@rypo01 sir please review my achievement1 post if you like then please verify my post
post link: Achievement 1 post :Introduction of myself @artist1111

Hi @adil69,

🥳🥳 Welcome to Steemit!🎊🎊

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Good day, @adil69!

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