Achievement 2 by @adil69 task ||Basics security on steem

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I hope you are all fine and happy and living a good life
Achievement 1 which is about introduction After completion I have completed achievement 2 basic security which you can see below


basic security on steemit

  • As a result, I would like to thank them all once again.

I hope this post is very good inshallah I will get the best response achievement 2 Basics Security

So with the support of these people I'm going to have my second achievement 2.

Yes, I get all my keys back from scratch, I save them in Google Drive, put them in a separate USB folder and send them to other WhatsApp numbers so that they are safe and used for my work. the other keys such as mail owner's key note key and act key.

posting key

  • The volume key can be used to send or delete another line. Comments on other people's posts and speculations, one thing to keep in mind is that we should always log into Steam with our personal post key because you can get everything with one key, that's the key to your posts.

Active key

  • We use the active key if we want to increase or decrease the setting of the Steam SBD Conversion Power Update account or transfer SBD or Steam to our account.
    If you share your active key with someone, you will lose all your money quickly.

Owner key

  • If I want someone else to have it, I can use the owner key to reset the owner. I can also use it to reclaim my account and revoke my voting rights. Is the key

Memo key

  • This key doesn't really matter. It's only used for reading or writing notes. you can ignore it you want him

Master password

  • The master password is the lifeblood of the account. If you lose, you will lose your account and you will not be able to use it. It is very important that you keep your master password secure. If you have to find all the keys to your account, it will steal your account when you get your master password.

How do you plan to store the master password

Because I keep my password in a very safe place, because I know that if someone finds my password or shares it with someone, they can use another account and I will not be able to recover it.

Did you know transfer there is another stop user like you

Yes, I can easily transfer my Steam to another user's account using my wallet activity.

To get started I need to log in with my activation key and go to my wallet





how to power your steem

I understand how to feed my steam and for this we need to complete the following.

  • Open your Steam wallet and select Power On from the dropdown menu



I hope you like my achievement 2 basic security. May God keep you happy

Special thanks for




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