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Today I am going to tell you about achievement 3 which is about


I have completed achievement 3 task content Etiquetti.


Example of Duplicate Content

  • The first method is to publish the entire article by copying and pasting This is completely duplicate content Never post this content here.

  • The second method is to cite elsewhere in your own article and not cite the source Be sure to cite the source when citing from elsewhere

  • The third method is to write a complete article replacing a few words or phrases This is duplicate content

Be sure to cite the source

  • You wanted to share a quote you wrote about someone else Or did you just want to say something and take it somewhere else Be sure to include this section in quotation numbers for other sites And get the URL of the site from which you get it

  • You wanted to add an image to your article and it is not yours He took it from another site and added it to his post Be sure to cite the source

  • If you share duplicate content, your credibility score will decrease and you will not be able to get votes. Here your original content will be voted and thus benefit Share your content

Citation Method

The rose is considered the most beautiful flower in the world, which is why it’s called the “queen of the garden.” It’s one of the most popular flowers worldwide, and it comes in different sizes and colors.

I have read and understood the stem tag on the stem community and will do my best to adopt it

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