Achievement -02 ||| Basic security of your Steemit account ||| by @alifalashikcse

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Hello my dear steemians.
How are you all?
i hope you all are well.
I am your friend @alifalashikcse with you
after successfully complete my achievement 1. today i am coming to complete my achievement 2.
please join with me to complete achievement-2.






When You will open your steemit wallet then you will must see some key & permission options.
Here You will see 6 different types of key. Now i will Descrive about Those keys.
6 types of keys and details in given below:

  • Tron account private key .

  • Private posting key.

  • Active key.

  • Private owner key.

  • Private memo key.

  • Public key.


Private keys & their uses



  • You need this key when You wsnt to recover your account while you face any problem.
  • Please look at the uploaded picture to know more about this.


Torn account private key & this usees



  • Tron Private key can be use to solve belows problem :

  • Transfer tokens, Freeze and unfreeze TRX, Vote for TRON SRs,& also Explore TRON ecology.

  • please look at the upload picture to know about more This.


Private posting key And Uses



You can use your Posting Key many important works like,

  • You need this key to publish a post or any comment, to Edit a post or comment,To Upvote or downvote,also when you resteem any content you need this key. Follow any people,Mute any accounts you need this key.

  • please look at the upload picture to know more usees.


private active key & this usees



you can use your private active Key to solve this problem :

  • To transfer tokens any account, steemPower up or down,SBD conversion in steem wallet ,when you create a new user you need this key

  • Look at the upload picture to know more About That.


private owner key & this usees



  • Private owner key is need to change the other keys. This key has additional permissions to recover any account . This keys is also need to reset account & posting keys.
  • Look at the upload picture to know more This.


private memo key & this usees



  • Memo key is needed to when you Send an encrypted message also view an encrypted message.
  • Loook at the upload picture to know more This


Various usees of steem wallet



  • In steem Wallet You can transfer or Trade or convert Your Steem Doller.
  • Look At the picture to know more.


  • You Can powerUp and send Steem Fron wallet.


  • Here You can Buy steem.

  • please look at the picture to know more.


  • Here You can sell steem easily fron stemm wallet
  • Please look this picture to know more

Here I discuss all importemt keys of steem . so don't shere any keys with others. please safe your all keys

🌼conclusion : Here I try my best to know about steemit deeply. I collect all information from my steem account (wallet section) . Hopefully after finished my achievement -02. i will be concern about achievement -03.

Thanks to all of you.♥
@tarpan vai


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Hey @alifalashikcse, This is @aniqamashkoor, a greeter helper.

congratulations! you have successfully completed your achievement 2. Now you can head towards completion of achievement 3. For this I'll recommend you to first read and understand this Achievement 3 : Content Etiquette guideline by cryptokannon


I encourage you to complete your achievements till 4 to be a part of NEWCOMERS SUPPORT PROGRAM which is 500SP Minnow Support Program in the Newcomers' Community.

Happy steeming :)


Thank you sir for your kind information