Achievement 4 : Applying markdown in steemit|| by @alifalashikcse

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Hello All my friend.How are you all.?
I think Everything is very fine.
This is me @alifalashikcse.
After successfully completed The Achievement 1,2,&3 today i am going to complete achievement -04.

Here I will describe and Show You Some Important Things and articles Which can be used to write something properly and make It Beautiful.
I will show some important article.

  • Centered text

  • Adding bullets

  • Adding link or source

  • Heading

  • Table

  • Making bold

Centered text

Achievement 4

task : markdown

task By @cryptokannon

Adding bullets

Adding link or source

images (2) (1).png

Add link or source

Making Table

Achievement NoAchievement 4
Task By@cryptokannon
Achievement By@alifalashikcse

Making bold

Achievement 4

Ahievement 4

Achievement 4

Achievement 4

Achievement 4
Achievement 4

My Last Three Achievement Link

1st Achievement:

2nd Achievement:

3rd Achievement:

Thanks to all of you.♥


@tarpan vi

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Great job. Keep it up 👍


Thank You my brother.Please keep support.

Hey @alifalashikcse, this is Aniqa Mashkoor one of the greeter helpers.

You have successfully completed your achievement 4 and now you can head towards completion of achievement 5. Please read and understand it first Achievement 5 : Understanding The Steem Tools

Task Rate: 3

You have done a great job, Apply markdowns in your other posts too to make them presentable.

Remember that achievement 5 has 4 tasks and you have to make separate post for each task. And each task must be posted in Newcomers' Community. Get ready for a hands on experience of steemit tools.

Your are now eligible to be a part of Newcomer's Support program which is 500SP Minnow Support Program

#pakistan #affable


Thank You brother.please keep support

Congratulations. here is the upvote for your achievement 3 Post!

You have been upvoted by Haidermehdi and we are using steemcurator03 to upvote achievement posts. Keep up the Good Work! Steem On!