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I hope you all to well and enjoying good health And may Allah keep you happy and God bless you with every reward.This is my achievement1 introduction post to newcomer's comunity. I hope you will be verify my achievement1.


Here i have lets introduce myself that where i live and which work i do. So let's start the topic.


My name is Ali Raza But on steemit name is @aliraza . My father name is ahmad din. I live in basirpur. The depalpur is located in the east of father is a farmer. He grow wheat 🌾 and corn 🌽. My father is a very simple man. He do best for us which we like. Our family is not big but we are live humanity. I have 2 brothers. My brother is a student.


I have just passed 7 class in my past. Because we are so poor and in the past my father could not be afford my study cost. So i have leave school and joined a barber shop. In the shop i was start work as a assistant. My master is a very wise and intelligent man. He make me a good person by skills.



My hobby is reading books. It is a veey useful hobby. When i was free i go to the library for read some Islamic books. Iam a Muslim as a religious. Allah (who create us) is our God. Islamic books is a very interesting for extra knowledge.

Idea of Steemit :

I have work on many fake website but nothing found. My all friends works on this beautiful platform and earn a lot of money. @mehrbanfaiz guide me for work on steemit. I start work on Steemit with honesty.

Spacial thanks


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Hi @aliraza5,

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Welcome to the steem platform.

Congratulations you have been verified by vvarishayy you can proceed with the next Achievement at your convenience


Thanks you.😂😂😂😂.

Hi, @aliraza5,

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