Achievement2 Task basic security by @aliraza5

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Helow Steemit friends:

My achievement1 is verified so that I can post my second achievement is about basics so that i am doing this .

So in achievement2 answer a few questions that i can answer easily.

Question: have you retrieve all your keys on steemit?

I got all my keys after signup So i put them all on google drive to make secure they are save and copy in my mobile safe folder due to which i can login my account and do transection easily in any where in future.
Keys i received:

Posting key

Active key

Owner key

Memo key

Question: Do you know each of these keys function and restrictions?

Luckely i know its functions and there uses,which i will tell you.

Posting key

this key is allow to a user to login in steemit wallet,post,resteem,edit,comment,follow,and mute.all this work can be possible when you have a posting key login.Again the keys also restrict the damaging the account key is likely to cause.

Active Key

this key is quite delicate due to its function such as using it as transfer of funds,placing a market order power up/down transection,converting steem dollar,updating profile details,voting for a vitnes and avater is this key functions.

Owner Key

Owner key ismost important and powerfull due to its ability to change any key of any account,including the owner key.This is store offline because it the key of keys so that be carefull about it.

Memo Key

it is use to encrypting and decrypting mems when funds are transferred so that is also important.

Question;how do you plan to keep your master password?

I know my keys are lose in future so that i save my master key in google drive,pc and flash drive.

Question do you know how to transfer your steem token to another user account?

Yes, i know that how to transfer your steemit tokento another account i use some pics to explain how to transfer.
Lets start,
First open your steemit wallet click on the arrow under the steem.


Login with your posting key in wallet.


Then click on transfer.


Enter the user name which you want to transfer steem and click on next.


Then enter your owner key and the ammount click on ok.your steem is transfer.The sbd is transfer is like that.

So in this way you can transfer your steem to another account,hope you have understand.

Question:do you know how to power up your steem?

Answer: i know how to power up.
First you click on wallet and login.


Then click on arrow as.

i can show you in screenshot.then click on power up if you are login to wallet your power is up.


So this is all about my achievement post task 2.
Thanks for reading.

Spacial thanks


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This achievement is very important in our Steemit journey. You needed to understand clearly the different important keys and their functions in the Steemit wallet. Be sure to store your keys safely. For the latest updates and important announcements don't forget to follow @steemitblog.

You have been verified for this task and you may now proceed to Achievement 3: Content Etiquette at your convenience. Please refer to the guide on the Newcomers Achievement Program on the Notice Board pinned post.

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